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Naughty or Nice this Christmas? Bianca Beauchamp bares all!

I’m so looking forward  to xmas now!

Bianca Beauchamp love

Take a look at @biancabeauchamp’s Tweet.

Sexy Harley Quinn COSPLAY latex – Bianca Beauchamp

Bianca Beauchamp – Ponygirl Diaries

Bianca Beauchamp



Oh come on of course I gotta have a little Bianca for my redhead day..

Busty ladies: Bianca Beauchamp

Bianca Stéphanie Beauchamp (born 14 October 1977) is a Canadian fetish and adult model, known for her glamour, erotic and latex modelling.

The cosplay wear:


And to see more…

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Bianca Beauchamp


The always hot Bianca Beauchamp

Bianca Beauchamp in red

Some time since we had some Beauchamp love so here we go, some red loving latex in the sexy body of Bianca Beauchamp. And if you want more after this, click here for my other posts of Bianca.


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Bianca Beauchamp

bianca beaucahmpThe always lovely Bianca in her outfits.

Bianca Beauchamp

bianca beauchampbianca beauchamp1

Sexy Canadians: Bianca Beauchamp

Bianca Beauchamp (born October 14, 1977) is a Canadian fetish and adult model, known for her glamour, erotic and latex modelling. Official website.

Thank god for Canada bringing us this girl…


and well, as you can imagine she has been featured several times on my blog:

Bianca Beauchamp photoshoot

Sci-fi Week: Sexy Supergirl Bianca Beauchamp

Bianca Beauchamp as Marilyn Monroe

More of Bianca Beauchamp

Sexy red latex dress

Bianca Beauchamp is my kind of ice-hockey player

Sexy Bianca Beauchamp

or to see them all on one page, click here..

Sexy Bianca Beauchamp

I so adore the bad teacher in latex kinda look, and once again, where were they during my school classes… Flirt male

bianca beauchamp (2)bianca beauchamp

Bianca Beauchamp is my kind of ice-hockey player


This is how I want my ice-hockey players to look like, Bianca Beauchamp can join my team anytime… 🙂

Bianca Beauchamp as Marilyn Monroe

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false] BiancaBeauchampMarilyn1Absolutely gorgeous, she got everything this girl, body, nice boobs, bloody beautiful and she is truly not afraid of anything it seems. She has been mainly a fetish model but I can so see her doing more of this pinup modelling now.






  BiancaBeauchampMarilyn5BiancaBeauchampMarilyn2BiancaBeauchampMarilyn1 (1)BiancaBeauchampMarilyn4BiancaBeauchampMarilyn7BiancaBeauchampMarilyn6BiancaBeauchampMarilyn3BiancaBeauchampMarilyn8BiancaBeauchampMarilyn9 BiancaBeauchampMarilyn10BiancaBeauchampMarilyn11BiancaBeauchampMarilyn12 

If you like this:

beauchampsupergirl10_thumb1    thumb2_thumb       tumblr_kqfazd15gx1qz8s3ho1_500_thumb 

     Supergirl             Nice photoshoot           Latex friday

Sci-fi Week: Sexy Supergirl Bianca Beauchamp

Some latex loving from Bianca Beauchamp, as a comic geek anyone dressed as Superwoman gets my vote but doing it in latex gets plus points galore.


Click on the pictures for bigger size.

Check out her website:

and for more blog posts about her from me, click here.

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Bianca Beauchamp photoshoot

thumb1 thumb2

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More of Bianca Beauchamp

I do love this model, she is just stunningly beautiful…

bianca beauchamp in bikini

and equally beautiful in tight latex…

 bianca beauchamp in latex bianca beauchamp as silk spectre

and I wouldn’t mind seeing this cowgirl around….

cowgirl bianca beauchampcowgirl bianca beauchamp 1  lusty busty bianca beauchamp

If you like this then click below for more of my posts of her:

 beauchampsupergirl10_thumb1     thumb2_thumb       tumblr_kqfazd15gx1qz8s3ho1_500_thumb       biancabeauchampmarilyn1_thumb1

       Supergirl             Nice photoshoot           Latex friday          Bianca as Marilyn

Merry xmas pinup

Bianca Beauchamp 

Day 1 last years sci-fi week

Alessandra Torresani

She’s hot…

Supergirl Bianca Beauchamp

and so is she…day1a

Sexy red latex dress

bianca beauchamp

Lovely Bianca Beauchamp.

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