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Beautiful cowgirl 




Is it cowboy still when it’s a girl? I don’t know…

20141202 – Sexy cowgirl


Todays pinup Cowgirl



Just find myself with this treasure trove of folder which I had completely forgotten with girls in cowboy hats alone. Now to see if I can find myself some other picture folders of the forgotten.


and more…


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Cowgirl Olga Kurylenko

 sexy Olga_Kurylenko in cowboy hat

Gotta love this Bond girl from the James Bond movie ‘Quantum of Solace’ in this outfit.

Masuimi Max Cowgirl

masumi max cowgirl

Masuimi Max, London 2002 – A less known photograph from the session I did with Masuimi in London. Latex cowgirl outfit by Torture Garden. Photographed with the Mamiya 645.

by ~stevedietgoedde

Todays reblogs

Well, Summertime is enjoying shower time.. gotta keep clean and why not!

And the always delightful Friday, April 21st, is Boobday!

Boobday is a body-positive meme where women share images of their bodies in order to show that there is beauty in all of us.  With confidence comes power and with power comes confidence.

And can we ever go wrong with a redhead..


Oki I’m a huge fan of Lara Croft cosplay..


And why not another Lara Croft via patrickbatemansblog 

Oki time to go cowboy… Or rather cowgirl, Demi Fray. 


Lastly some booty and boobie shaking..


Sweden vs Ukraine

Ok so the Euro 2012 has started and finally the first game for my country has been played (we lost Crying face) but will toughen up and get through it.

So will just do a little a poll between some sexy models between the countries playing:

First up for Sweden is Elita Löfblad vs Olga Kurylenko, who wins you decide…

Ukraine’s Olga Kurylenko: Sweden’s Elita Löfblad:
I do so love this cowboy pose from a previous post
What a way to go American…

Olga-Kurylenko1 elita-lofblad-06
Olga-Kurylenko2 elita-lofblad-10

Sexy bombshell Shannon Kay Richards

I do love when people sends hints about someone good looking and Shannon Richards sure is gorgeous so thanks to the anonymous chat tipster. So if you like your boobs big and your girls blonde, look no further…

_______ShannonRichardsSaloonGirlPOTDIn her own words: I am a 24 year old published glam model and actress, with a B.S. degree in Theater/Acting. I am a Native Texan – Dallas Cowboys’ Corral Girl Of The Year, and live in the great city of Austin!

My measurements are 36-24-36 (all natural – absolutely no plastic or silicone).
My eyes are bluish green, but I usually wear cosmetic blue contacts.
My waist-length long blond hair is 100% mine (no extensions).

Shannon Richards official website or check out her facebook page


A lovely victorian photoshoot:



and for more but now in bikini shaped loveliness:

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Pinups for November ‘11

All of my photoblogs for November months ‘Todays pinup’

4be27c9158cd7_thumb[3]7RGgy4cxipes4yk674NPjzv3o1_500_thumb[1]60__s_twiggyesque_by_hihosteverino-d48dn3g_thumb[1]alice cat_thumb[2]amy oh_thumb[1]ana dias pinup 1_thumb[1]ana dias pinup 1a_thumb[1]ana dias pinup_thumb[1]angelique noire_thumb[1]b590efa6d6ebda8792d095f205e32733-d48xqqw_thumb[1]based_on_cunning_stunt_by_hatman2k-d412akt_thumb[1]boudoir_by_azaminda-d47zx45_thumb[1]batter_up_by_hihosteverino-d4cq278_thumb[1]cheeky_lady_by_misspoisoncandy-d476lff_thumb[1]clover_pin_up___violaine_by_wish0211-d48v4m6_thumb[1]CunningStuntwithname_thumb[2]dita pinup_thumb[2]DSC_0589_thumbDSC_0596_thumbgia_by_hihosteverino-d4b540l_thumbhigh_heel_series_1_by_hatman2k-d412abq_thumb[2]hollwood_marilyn_monroesque_by_hihosteverino-d48mxmq_thumb[2]in_search_of_continued_by_hihosteverino-d4cnwg8_thumbkittie von chaos_thumbmargie rita cowgirl_thumbmissy irwin_thumbnikki grier_thumbpinup bernie dexter_thumbpinup for a cure_thumb[2]pinup for a cure1_thumb[2]pinup for a cure2_thumb[2]Retro_Minnie_2_by_looooo_thumb[2]tempature_by_hihosteverino-d4byreo_thumb[1]tribute_to_pan_am_by_hihosteverino-d4ckvf2_thumb[1]tumblr_lfn3apwlsz1qechlxo1_500_thumbtumblr_lh2f0axZUO1qbx0x7o1_500_thumbtumblr_ljv64yTRL71qdjxljo1_400_thumbtumblr_lquxocSNTy1r1nxdpo1_500_thumb[1]tumblr_lpleaxu1oD1qbn7m5o1_500_thumb[2]tumblr_lpqr3yAefa1qegcldo1_500_thumbtumblr_lrg3lbeGty1qj4t1so1_400_thumbtumblr_lrpcpqUZwJ1qgsde4o1_500_thumb[1]vanessa tarragona_thumb[2]vintage_nude_by_quietly_filthy-d49243s_thumb[1]

Todays pinup

margie rita cowgirl

Miss Margie Rita by Jillian Danielson
Western pinup theme at Wild West Junction in Williams, Arizona.

Cow girl


More of Bianca Beauchamp

I do love this model, she is just stunningly beautiful…

bianca beauchamp in bikini

and equally beautiful in tight latex…

 bianca beauchamp in latex bianca beauchamp as silk spectre

and I wouldn’t mind seeing this cowgirl around….

cowgirl bianca beauchampcowgirl bianca beauchamp 1  lusty busty bianca beauchamp

If you like this then click below for more of my posts of her:

 beauchampsupergirl10_thumb1     thumb2_thumb       tumblr_kqfazd15gx1qz8s3ho1_500_thumb       biancabeauchampmarilyn1_thumb1

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