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Susan Coffey in a tutu

tutu_by_susancoffey-d3etbu1 The ever so lovely Susan Coffey in her tutu and high heels.

New gallery with Susan Coffey

5124616978_242670f560_oHave added a new gallery with the sexy redhead Susan Coffey with over 200 pictures (over 80Mb) but they are in thumbnail format so that you can choose the ones you like.

Find them under >Sexy Stuff > Sexy redhead Susan Coffey




tumblr_lbk25eqcmn1qaw2seo1_500 10_sito_blacklace  chains_by_susancoffey-d363ms9 Miss_Red_by_SusanCoffey Parasol_by_SusanCoffey

Susan Coffey

In her own words:

  • Current Residence: New Jersey
  • Interests: Piano, Sewing, Psychology, People, Life
  • Favourite band or musician: Kevin Devine, Ben Folds, Emily Haines
  • Favourite style of art: Alternative
  • Personal Quote: The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • Tools of the Trade: A curling iron? red hair dye? yea

Check out her website here:

0f6945ba96de4abf20dd40701d6ff07e-d2syhjl 0fa77d7d28f9489ed28648d40aae8371-d2qfe0x 1_sito_blacklace 1_sito_tousled aa175cc9077e787386a809322e9b1f10-d2al450


Miss_Red_by_SusanCoffey november_by_SusanCoffey  Relax_by_SusanCoffeysusan-coffey-1920x1200-39027 sleeep_by_SusanCoffeyspring09_by_SusanCoffey-susan-by-oldboy1985recent_by_SusanCoffeysusan-c-by-oldboy1985Susan-Coffey-7Susan-Coffey-13teaser_by_SusanCoffey susan-coffey-1920x1200-39055susan-coffey-1920x1200-38955 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39026susan-coffey-1920x1200-39028 fc3df22fb1addea96ba3c9d31d134860-d2al0r9Forget_by_SusanCoffeyhey-beautiful-by-oldboy1985hmmm_by_SusanCoffey 6_chowf55b799e700e848e17cd3264546662d6-d364mq7 6_insuh_btsbeach Hide_and_Seek_by_SusanCoffey7_moonstomp 10_chow 20_nathans348f3c6b9eeba6e568ec88de5f582d84-d2qmg5w 5108437440_34566f7528_obgzi2pae8d40be643f9089a1e9bf16bd0c1895-d2qmg0x


24_sito_pigtails26_sito_pigtails      Brunette_Old_by_SusanCoffeycalendar_shoot_by_susancoffey-d2zzz4ycdfaebde1ae0d52e1785b5e04c097948-d2teppzf19d78ac43a96221a956e63baae93e36-d2fp7vbcloser_by_susancoffey-d369hkl Cold_sand_by_SusanCoffey    susan-coffey-1920x1200-39147Upside_Down_by_SusanCoffey White_by_SusanCoffeySusan_Coffey_2_by_MoonStomp_MaggieWo8jr2c1781971b8feba49738e6c076f8d001-d2ufhsn  3b191127ccf34d478fa218383438c091-d2ufi0t 4_sito_darkgreen5106971160_d0856fa79d_oyay_by_SusanCoffey Pin_Up_by_SusanCoffey porcelain_by_SusanCoffeyprinceton_by_susancoffey-d34bjcw  reach_by_susancoffey-d368234Red_Lips_by_SusanCoffey Pure_Sunlight_by_SusanCoffey retro_by_SusanCoffey spring_by_SusanCoffey Steam_by_SusanCoffey subtle_by_susancoffey-d341iif Summer_Sun_by_SusanCoffey Susan_Coffey_1 susan-coffey-3_1680x1050susan-coffey-5susan-coffey-1920x1200-38952susan-coffey-7-1080bsusan-coffey-1920x1200-38953susan-coffey-1920x1200-38956 susan-coffey-1920x1200-38954susan-coffey-1920x1200-38995 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39025 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39029 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39030 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39148 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39353 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39354 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39355 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39356 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39357 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39358 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39514 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39515 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39629 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39657 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39658 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39727 susan-coffey-1920x1200-39728 Susan-Coffey-susan-coffey-model-1920x1080sweet_summer_by_susancoffey-d303zkw   Wedding_White_by_SusanCoffey winter_by_SusanCoffeytumblr_lbk25eqcmn1qaw2seo1_500Susan-Coffey-9 Susan-Coffey-10 Susan-Coffey-11Phantasmagoria_by_SusanCoffeyf2d78c4dc7b336f21c9d3b838d6765f5-d2hfych 

Just_for_fun_by_SusanCoffey Nintendo_anyone__by_SusanCoffey

w34597_Susan Coffey 02first_shoot_with_Insuh_by_SusanCoffeyfall_by_SusanCoffey Fashion_Shoot_by_SusanCoffey fever_by_susancoffey-d2znyzw  flashback_by_susancoffey-d34d6gm For_fun_by_SusanCoffeyGenie_in_a_bottle_by_SusanCoffeyGiving_up_by_SusanCoffeygoing_under_by_SusanCoffeynymph__by_SusanCoffeyGlamour_by_SusanCoffeyI_might_like_this_one_better_by_SusanCoffeyherectic_city_by_susancoffey-d38bwrbI_heart_NY_by_SusanCoffeyImprint_by_SusanCoffeyin_the_water_by_SusanCoffey Introspection_by_SusanCoffeyjukebox_by_SusanCoffeyMay_by_SusanCoffeyMore_glamour_by_SusanCoffey Lost_in_though_by_SusanCoffey glasses_by_SusanCoffeyLuna_by_SusanCoffey  Hello_by_SusanCoffeynerd_by_SusanCoffeyocean_air_by_SusanCoffey Parasol_by_SusanCoffeyde260d288fed48e6872d93a5f8ffcff6-d2zk84d Dev_ID_by_SusanCoffey Doll_by_SusanCoffey down_by_SusanCoffeynyc_by_SusanCoffeyOLD_by_SusanCoffey early_spring_by_SusanCoffey5207013094_ed0cd98fcf_o  5226460423_15e6166ea3_o  ed6043f274199663186fdf4d569b785d-d2al3yxBunny_by_SusanCoffeyb83f53fc166514c48fe217ca395fff1c-d2f1emdbrooklyn_by_SusanCoffeybrooklyn_again_by_SusanCoffeya6dfbff909231800078d3af744ef57a0-d2irvt6chains_by_susancoffey-d363ms9       cheer_up__by_SusanCoffey city_lights_by_susancoffey-d34bpz3 cold_shoulder_by_susancoffey-d38bej0cd83e5f86648388f47da9c413a1caaba-d2bf7gsc3_by_susancoffey-d341j69c0a25673333d227d03700745b57ed3f2-d2jl66pmatthew_aker_earthcollar_03matthew_aker_earthcollar_01 come-undone-by-oldboy1985 contrast_by_SusanCoffeydarkness_by_susancoffey-d341js3

5088195819_19646d9b5f_b4044618319_6f4a72b97e_o_by_SusanCoffey5107849351_ea990c4606_o d88082282365348c5fc508396cdf9830-d2fm3yo3423551900_8561662eed_o3424852767_366df01067_o5085905188_5c0e25ce06_z  5092588706_964d4189fe_b5105624079_131f9a6552_b5106370523_6095f91665_o5108020583_0dbaea1709_o  5108766902_e9f3c12bbf_o5109811556_0fd1d8a4d85113006713_56024254f4_o5117650197_eaa622a8e2_o 5120555699_7d7ab5aa44_o 5122182131_a77ec4d1e4_o 5123210691_9ca14a0475_o  5132050206_9ee903cb65_o5124616978_242670f560_o    5108169939_65843bc9ca5114573223_9c8b233e0a_o5139078072_0e418f336c_o5145780837_27e466b7c4_o 5146835016_d72c1c1cb3_o 5149064218_e6780a0ea6_o  6_insuh_wifebeater5cf5f7e83988cc47e86b926977279d5c-d2irvzl 5160213881_0e97341b03_o  5185119252_869c9b4a39_o5149988491_f6a5125604_o5170278142-949082a2c5-o 5177479384_10ae0d7335_o 5180255976_626dbf5363_o5_lynch 5_unknown  6_delasheras6f709b97bedebf8b8d0b98f876ad5548-d2m3ekv8_c37be30766674807b59ed80ff0a5182529-d2hdq1c    10_sito_blacklace8_pascual   10_insuh_grasslands 10_pascual  11_bukomedia  15_sito_misc 16_insuh_btsbeach   18_liptak 19_herman_boyscout 20_herman_boyscout25_sito_pigtails 21_herman_boyscout18_insuh_btsbeach  029-Susan-Coffey []  45dd67f532363ac2e3382dd9f2cd6b68-d2zk7sa 49c30bda52969  49cf851c3e725 57b5ad5ef655e0e9b02819cc4525fe6b-d2bcl8a 60b0685f93f7ff90d903e805fd0712eb-d2irvhi 66ed58b0f9c376f1aabd44e067cf66a8-d2glx1e 72_purpledress2 41_herman_heartny49c30c83ded61499a3b7842dbf79c5088715af3cc8b1d0818a386fcf68-d2z89z4 5169455041_dd47ff0e37_z 725ce9df8921140bccb1e1294987cbe5-d2z8a3x  2232baabec6928e1e104779172d0a62e-d34gas6 6098e282ba3eb21ecf1de151a963ec31-d2i0c92 465232cada00d106482f93c1d9858e24-d364mxf   1_premiertouch3_durzynsky4_tebbetts  __trendy_funeral___by_SusanCoffey1_kortoci1_moonstomp

Susan Coffey photo

I_might_like_this_one_better_by_SusanCoffey via Susan Coffey

Happy Birthday Susan Coffey


I so do love this girl, so since it’s her birthday, here’s some of her most recent photos as a loving tribute to this sexy redhead.



In her own words:

  • Current Residence: New Jersey
  • Interests: Piano, Sewing, Psychology, People, Life
  • Favourite band or musician: Kevin Devine, Ben Folds, Emily Haines
  • Favourite style of art: Alternative
  • Personal Quote: The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • Tools of the Trade: A curling iron? red hair dye? yea

712a5b21f41e324f8853a0831ee6035e-d34ojek 465232cada00d106482f93c1d9858e24-d364mxf7362910d2de7c83110e4c7134e05ab2c-d34ik6fherectic_city_by_susancoffey-d38bwrb  f55b799e700e848e17cd3264546662d6-d364mq7

Do check out her website here:

And if you like her, check out my other posts about the girl:

for_fun_by_susancoffey_thumb1          i_heart_ny_by_susancoffey_thumb        new_york_by_susancoffey

    Todays pinup                     Hmm and                  New York: Model Susan Coffey
                                                   I Love NY

   spring09_by_susancoffey_thumb1            nymph__by_susancoffey_thumb                  aurawithsusancoffey_thumb

    Gorgeous picture                     Nymph                        Susan Coffey in bikini

Susan Coffey in bikini

Long time since I had a Susan Coffey pictures now so thank god for summer and bikini shots coming around again… whooohooo 🙂

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]aura with susan coffey Braids_by_SusanCoffey

Check out her website here:

And if you like her, check out my other posts about the girl:

for_fun_by_susancoffey_thumb i_heart_ny_by_susancoffey_thumb new_york_by_susancoffey 

   Todays pinup             Hmm and           New York: Model Susan Coffey                                  
                                           I Love NY                 

spring09_by_susancoffey_thumb    nymph__by_susancoffey_thumb

Gorgeous picture            Nymph

Todays Pinup Susan Coffey

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]For_fun_by_SusanCoffey




















via Susan Coffey

hmmm and I heart NY by Susan Coffey

I can drown in these eyes and as a redhead lover I’m doomed to just sigh happily when I know there is creatures like her walking the earth 🙂


Photographer: Marvin Orendain
MUA: Natasha Romero



Shot by Brandon Herman

Check out her website here:

To see more of my blog posts about this girl, click here.
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New york : Model Susan Coffey


She is just so sexy, check out her site.

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Summer longing


the lovely Susan Coffey

Happy 500k! Erotixx is….


Ok, this is going to be a glorified ego-trip so bare with me, last year 01st of march I was so thrilled at getting a 100k visits from when I started in the end of October 2009. Was quite happy when 200k mark came as well and then I forgot about it until last month when I looked and realised that I was coming close to half a million visits to my blog. Bloody hellfire, how on earth did that happen… Thanks everyone for coming around to check out the lovely girls and pinups.

And a special thanks to the blogging community out there, especially Izaakmak, Summertime and Vera Roberts who pretty much been around and commented since I started… And a special thanks to Bob Pattersonwho so nicely asked me where I was when I hadn’t posted for a couple of months, had pretty much stopped posting but that felt so good to have been missed so I started again and loving it now. Now I can’t imagining not posting…

So on to some mildly fascinating stats: 😀

My first post: Burlesque… mmmm…

The top 10 list of posts (most clicked):

1. The Pinup Collection
2. Sexy stuff
3. Jenna Jameson pictures
4. Sexy nude pictures by Igor Amelkovich
5. New york : Model Susan Coffey
6. The Classic pinup collection
7. Pinups of October ’09
8. Dominic Marco sexy pinup art
9. 80 sexy asian bikini girls
10. The modern pinup collection

My most clicked pictures all-time, number 1 to 5:


Big thanks to everyone and see you for the
1 million celebration…

and oh yeah forgot to show how happy the girls are for me as well… 😀


Lovely Vera Roberts is my no 1000 commentator

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]veraroberts-is-my-1000a

Ok, this is so geeky, we are people who do love stats, everyone does, just admit it. But this post is just a big pat on my back so my self-esteem will rise for being a promoter of great pictures of the human body (translation, I love to see naked girls lol

But anyhoo, why I thought I do it was just because I realised that I have got the 1000:th comment on Erotixx and the lovely winner is Vera Roberts from The Intoxication of Vera Roberts, see contribution below and the link to the post of course. I will have to figure out a price for her later on but for now just a big hug of love… 


So to continue this ‘good on you’ post for myself really is the stats from my blog:

tumblr_l58zzxCNKx1qczdgfo1_1280Top Search Terms for finding my blog starting from 2009-10-22 and ending 2010-07-24:

sophia loren nude         2,673
sophia loren                    2,610
susan coffey nude             886
susan coffey                        846
burlesque                             510
sexy steampunk                489
susan coffey naked            402
esther hanuka                    291
latex babes                          268
dominic marco                   245
eva wyrwal                         244

People gotta love Sophia Loren and Susan Coffey, I so understand that but still the one I did about Sophia that is my most watched one is probably my most boring one and mainly only for UK people except for the lovely pictures of her.

All time top views from 2009-10-22 All top view last 30 days
Homepage                                           88,225
Sophia Loren on next fridays
Jonathan Ro
New york : Model Susan Coffey      2,571
Sexy nude pictures by Igor Amelkovich                                          2,483
Sexy stuff                                              2,175
Dominic Marco sexy pinup art      2,165
Pinups of October ’09                        1,842
80 sexy asian bikini girls                1,536
The Pinup Collection                         1,400
Jenna Jameson pictures                  1,352

Home page                                  7,987
Sophia Loren on next fridays
Jonathan Ro
The Pinup Collection                    336
Sexy stuff                                         301
New york : Model Susan Coffey 208
Sexy tattooed goddess Esther Hanuka
Pinups of October ’09                     167
The Classic pinup collection         164
Bianca Beauchamp as Marilyn Monroe
Dominic Marco sexy pinup art    136
Sasha Grey Smoking Hot! (via The Attack                                                  131


Total views:181,603

Busiest day:1,784 — Friday, October 23, 2009

Totals of Posts:671 //  Comments:1,000 //  Categories:29 //  Tags:1,141

And if you actually came this far down reading, wow… you do like your stats 🙂 but as an gift, enjoy this lovely picture of lovely Heidi.


Hot chicks with pigtails

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]tumblr_kyx8ul10cV1qbosrwo1_1280

There is just something about pigtails isn’t… something about the innocence look I guess but trying to understand it probably will entail something really pervy so I won’t even go there, just enjoy people.

And if you wanna see more, check out this website aptly named Hot Chicks With Pigtails



tumblr_kykoy9JhJv1qay8u8o1_500 tumblr_l1drjpTzWG1qay8u8o1_500tumblr_l2g6yv7VpM1qa1j08o1_1280 

Big time love to the below picture, she
just brings a big… smile to me… hey people,
filthy minds you…


And well, can’t get any better for me, latex and pigtails, just a ciggie missing 🙂

tumblr_l3xw9bOnap1qc3lbco1_500tumblr_l3kszmlkaS1qc70u3o1_500 tumblr_l5k8k8n6NB1qzr53co1_1280tumblr_l2b931Uip01qbm3tzo1_400tumblr_l3sg9ypXes1qaois4o1_500  

Lovely Dita Von Teese below…                                   and lovely Susan Coffey as well…

tumblr_l25y5sEIcw1qz9qooo1_500 tumblr_l32swuy69G1qz6y5ao1_500 tumblr_l552888XCn1qczih1o1_1280

100k visitors to Erotixx blog – Big love to all


Ps, I guess tagging tits and boobs does work it’s magic as well 🙂

and a big thanks to WordPress for having such excellent service to blog with.
Love all around tonite.

Some stats:

My top pages

Sexy nude pictures by Igor Amelkovich 1,761
New york : Model Susan Coffey 1,571
Pinups of October ’09 1,333
Dominic Marco sexy pinup art 1,222
80 sexy asian bikini girls 1,100
Jenna Jameson pictures 895

Busiest day:1,786 — Friday, October 23, 2009


Posts:          428

Comments:  151

Categories:   20

Tags:           594

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Sexy stuff

marieclaudebourbannismarieclaudebourbannisbwcocosusancoffey scottblairdominicmarcoasianjennajamesonelisabethhurleyelizadushkuemmabuntonigoralmekovichsteampunkolympics1olympics2olympics3



and in text form 🙂


Lovely photos from Susan Coffey


Added pages on Todays pinups

Have finally added the pages on Todays pinups collection sides.

All the May Months girls here:

029133707c433b0041c5f1553ae5affa33ww607Ashalynn_Pink_Stripes_by_hihosteverinoFor_fun_by_SusanCoffey Jessica_from_Sacramento_by_hihosteverino Margot_1_by_RuckMonkeyPhotospolka_dot_pinup_playsuit_by_candeecampbellSpank_Skirt_by_hihosteverino Vanessa_by_hihosteverinoWhitney_by_hihosteverinoKatie_from_Reno__Nevada_by_hihosteverinoWhitney_Flag_by_hihosteverino

And the lovely June girls here:

600full-malin-akermanAmberly_by_hihosteverino April_as_a_Russian_Pilot_by_hihosteverino April_as_Cruella_by_hihosteverino April_Blue_by_hihosteverino Ashalynn_Smoking_by_hihosteverino Karina_by_hihosteverino Pinup_Girl_by_SpookyDigitalGirl rosemcgowanscarlettjohanssonlouisvuitton4 Tux31_WP020_Scarlett_Johansson_1600x1200_932_jpgTux31_WP020_Scarlett_Johansson_1600x1200_932_thumb_1600x0 Ashalynn_shoes_by_hihosteverino

Pinups for May ’10

All of my photoblogs for May months ‘Todays pinup’

  029133707c433b0041c5f1553ae5affa33ww607Ashalynn_Pink_Stripes_by_hihosteverino For_fun_by_SusanCoffey Jessica_from_Sacramento_by_hihosteverino Katie_from_Reno__Nevada_by_hihosteverino Margot_1_by_RuckMonkeyPhotos polka_dot_pinup_playsuit_by_candeecampbell Spank_Skirt_by_hihosteverino Vanessa_by_hihosteverino Whitney_by_hihosteverino Whitney_Flag_by_hihosteverino

Gorgeous picture


Check out her website here:

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