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‘m Rincewind and welcome to Erotixx. Love my pinups as you can see from my blog. Started in 2009 and it just kept on going, over 3000 post later and there is always new things coming along.


I’m a swedish guy who has now lived in London for over 12 years but have now moved on to Prague for love, no no not hookers you pervs. An actual girl, yes she is real. Anyway..


My passions and hobbies runs along the lines of dark humour, book reading (and yes, I do read about 2 books a week), meeting up with friends and planning to take over the world.

Turn-ons: Smoking fetish and latex. Love vintage and burlesque.

Turn-off: Negative people.


Still want to know more?

Used to have but somehow it’s gone missing. If anyone finds it, let me know. Reward will be issued.
Always a coffee cup…
Love travelling, mostly Europe for the moment. My favourite town is Berlin, great people and great parties. But also love my hometown of Harnosand, in northern part of Sweden.
Terry Pratchett, Science-fiction, biographies, Raymond E. Feist, Robin Hobb,
Leon, The Big Blue, Star Wars, the old James Bond movies, Blade Runner, almost all animated movies . Lord of the Ring, Monthy Python (all of ‘em…), Fantasy movies, Sci-fi, Tim Burton movies
Love dancing.
Hell no… love talking to people,
Too many times to count… *sigh*
Scary, scary…
The smile and the eyes.
Would love to meet H.P. Lovecraft to discuss Cthulhu or Marilyn Monroe for just a good time.


  1. Anyone who likes Monty Python is okay by me.

    • well, anyone who doesn’t like the pythons should be hit in the head with a silly chicken and then perhaps getting their head examined at yr place….

  2. Alannah Xavier

    You are completlely unproffessional ass that STEAL somebody else work and use it with NO autorization!!!
    I m the only one with the right on those “Alannah Xavier” pics that U are using without permission.
    You cant even do your own job, need to use somebody else work to show up in this ridiculous website and get some response.

    • I feel strongly both ways Alana, in other others, I don’t give a fuck – as far as I know, I represent the majority. if not all, with the exception of and idiot or two like you. I the 58 words you probably spent 58min compose, you have 8 spelling mistakes – plus your syntax is all wrong. For the love of those of us that like to read – learn to write so that I least you will come off as a less butt plug than your comments indicate. PS I suspect that you have miss spelled your name also. LOL

    • I just found my own picture on this blog myself, and I know the contract I signed does NOT give anyone else the rights or authorization to use these photos.

  3. Alannah Xavier

    I know you would never post what I m saying coz you are a coward, low type of proffessional.
    But u can be sure that I will let others know who you are and how u work.

  4. Hey dude! What’s up with the “Classic Icons: Mamie Van Doren Vs Marilyn Monroe” post? I’m getting a “not found” error.

    • ahh yeah, had to remove it, something went balobbas with wordpress and the pictures, so am having to repost it but didn’t have time so have to wait to tonite to get them back, they are nice 🙂 btw balobbas means buggered up…

  5. Slate(kyle)

    Just Leaving a comment under my new site id!

  6. kyle(attackcatz)

    Haha have to leave another comment here. Just wanted you to know I had a big issue on my old account. So I had to move “attack catz” the new address is http://theattackcatz.wordpress.com/ sorry about this…

    • whatta frikk, are u just waiting for me to update my links to move yr blogs. LOL. but good one, gonna change it now so don’t u dare move again for at least a week… 🙂

  7. “Your ?about smart? = You?re an idiot”

  8. I think, I have fallen in love with one of the pinup pictures.

    I am not sure which one, so I guess, I have to check in more often.

    Maybe I`ll find it someday.


  9. thanks for sharing!

  10. I am your 100th follower 😀

  11. you certainly have clear thoughts on what you like lol hi just came by but il be back to read some more just off for coffee now xxjen

  12. I know you like the smokin galls, found this for you.

  13. Your blog is awesome! I’m glad to see there are other people who enjoy the art and beauty that is the female body.

    • thanks batdoc, and yes, I do love the aesthetic of the female body. Do also enjoy the male body as well in a great photo. But vintage sexy girls and you have me drooling for hours. 🙂

  14. Love ur web site ! Would love more nudity !

  15. Thank you for visiting my realm recently. I love your selection of content, and I will be following it from now on

  16. Thanks so much for following my blog, and most of all because your follow brought me here to your blog, and I feel like a kid in a very large candy store! 😀 I have only just started looking around, and I already know that I could get happily lost here for days! So I’m definitely going to follow your treasure trove of a blog here, and thanks again for for leading me to it! 🙂

    • No worries. Have your erotic novels on my to read list now. But love going on random treks in blogspace, never know what you might find. Was really meant to do some work but that can wait 🙂

  17. secretthots

    Thanks so very much for your generous follow! I noticed your smoking girls fetish… you might like my one and only story featuring naughty smokers called “testing” on Nov. 7, 2012. It’s fate! 🙂

    Here’s to secrets kept and secrets shared… here’s to a lovely ride.

    Lola Moi xo

  18. Dearest Rincewind,
    I’m THRILLED to have found your site through accidentalmasturbator.wordpress.com.
    I fee as if I just entered Disney World and I don’t know which ride to go on first. As a smoker its refreshing to see the Sensuality in these beautiful Woman as they smoke.
    Your New Friend, and Follower,

  19. Sorry dude, Pamela Anderson is Canadian!

  20. Hello Rincewind! I love your blog and I add it in my favorite and friends list on my blog. Whatever Pam’s nationality, I hope you to go on for a long time. Friendly yours, Me.

  21. Très jolie blog, magnifiques photos , les asians sont superbes..

  22. Great blog ,you have a unique passion for life. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post. Best regards.

  23. deutschtrailer

    Hi Rincewind !
    You have a very nice blog, thank you very much …. 🙂

  24. I just wanted to ask you a question. I’m thinking about setting up an erotica blog int he future, and I wanted to know if you had to mark your blog as mature to put some of the images you put up. Just wanted to ask.

  25. I was stationed in Berlin for two years and loved it

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