bg_leftIn the pages of this blog I have amassed photo-graphs and literary works from lots of different sites. I take no credit for the photographs.

If you see one of your photographs and you would like it removed please contact me using “Comment” and use your legitimate email address, I will contact you and remove the photograph asap.



  1. Alannah Xavier

    Eu acabei de descobrir que voces estao usando minhas fotos no seu site SEM permicao dada.
    Podem ter certeza que vou procurar por meio legais a partir de segunda feira dia 19/04 para resolver esse impasse.
    Essas fotos foram emprestadas a Trip pelo periodo de 1 ano e atualmente eu sou a unica com direitos autorais sobre elas.
    Se NEM a Trip Magazine que e uma empresa seria esta podendo usar minhas imagens como voces ousam serem tao baixos ao ponto de roubar imagem e coloca-las on line so para divulgar sites eroticos e de baixa qualidade??
    Voces estao me causando dores de cabeca ate em meu relacionamento pois essas fotos foram feitas anos atras.



    Profissional usa de meios certos para se promover e nao precisa ir tao baixo ao ponto de roubar imagems!!!

    I just found out that you stole my pics and is using it on this low quality website.
    I m the only one with the right on this pics right now and no one EVER came to me to ask the PERMISSION to use it.
    From 19/04 I will look for my rights and find out how to sue u for it.
    If Trip Magazine that was the website that paid to have the right to use those pics for 1 year dont have any rights anymore, how you think you can???

    Proffessionals behave as a proffessionals and dont use low weapons as stealing others mateirals to get others to recognize you!

  2. Alannah Xavier

    I still can find my pics on this website that were the one that take anyone to yours.
    And using the same pics!!!


    Take my pics from here and keep it there is not a funny joke…who do u take me for???

    Alannah Xavier

  3. I have tracked you down to teach me a little about sex and sexy things:

    I have apparently put up a post that is too sexy. Or porny.. yes, porny. Stop by and see what you think.

  4. please satisfy my curiosity 🙂 why do you follow my blog? is it because I use some of your pics or because i followed yours first?

    • fair enough, I am curious as well when someone follows me as well… 😀 but I tend to check out my followers blog if they have one and not always follow back though. But your’s was cool, just a shame that I lose out on some of the wordings using google autotranslate, some kickass weird translations sometimes. LOL.

  5. feel free to ask me through a comment anytime you don’t get what i’m writing there. i can tell that many may not understand even if they are romanians (as i am) because i find myself and my posts as well complicated.
    thank you anyway for following me. i appreciate that, and keep it up with your bolg; it’s awesome 😉

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