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Japanese girls mostly…

Sexy asian with pigtails

Stacey Chak

Cleavage heaven

Yua Mikami

Good morning cleavage 

This should even wake up a dead man..

And unless I’m way off it’s Ai Shinozaki… tell me if I’m wrong.

Maid in heaven 

Lovely Asian babes

Yum yum.. love ya long time 😆

Alisa Manathanya for Maxim Magazine Thailand

Ohhh… I love this..


… think I’m feeling a cough coming.. 😆

3 big busted Asian ladies

Cute asian girl

Not a 100% who she is but maybe someone knows?

FWD: Ai Shinozaki

Oh my. My Christmas spirit is raised.. Ehrm. . 😆

Via Summertime


FWD: Ai Shinozaki

This is what Santa Claus should look like..

Via Summertime


Li Moon – library time

Ruri Saijo

Sexy asian in netting

Asian love

I think I’m in heaven…

Sexy water nymph 

Kickass maid

She did not like my suggestion to polish my know 😆

Sexy Asian maid

FWD: actress spotlight: Suteara Vaughn


We most certainly wouldn’t mind being shamelessly devoted to the luscious Suteara Vaughn who is enticing viewers on television this week. She has a recurring role as Ariel and in the episode ‘I Am A Storm’, Suteara works with Fiona (Emmy Rossum) to drum up business by throwing a speakeasy party at Patsy’s Pies. Emmy gives a tour-de-force performance as Fiona who has descended into jadedness. Perhaps preparations for the party could lift her spirits and as Ariel there’s will be more of the foxy Suteara to fawn over in future episodes too. Suteara made a positive impression in her scenes with Emmy and she has the budding talents to dazzle this industry. She’s already usurping two stereotypes on TV, that of being curvier and not stick skinny as well as being cast as an Asian American character on a hit show. We did lose a beloved one on “The Walking Dead” but perhaps they could cast Suteara one day. Another strong women on that series should stir things up even more!


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