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Reblog of the day

Forgot to blog this one a few days ago. 😢

So many nice ones in my inbox so will cram them in one post, enjoy. ..

Via Summertime

In need of a workout, Maria will help you get that blood pumping…

Via, btw there is a lot more of Maria on this link..

 And some cosplay love:

I hope we made good cosplay photos on the last weekend like these ones from my Street Fighter cosplay series.


Succubus from The Witcher 2


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NCIS – Caitlin Todd – Sasha Alexander


Down the rabbit hole




Cosplay cleavage 

Take a look at Kitty Honey (@KittyHoneyCos): 

Bree Leigh

Maybe a tad old for school but never to late to learn…

Model: Bree Leigh for Vanquish Magazine

FWD: Tear Off Your Chain

Ohh Catwoman..

Gorgeous topless Catwoman cosplay with gamer babe Lana.


Cosplay cleavage 

Had the models name saved but I lost her link, if anyone knows who she is, let me know so I can credit this photo. 

Update: Big thanks to Guinnessking for finding out who she is.

The lovely model is Ivy Tenebrae 

Twitter: (@IvyTenebrae): 

FWD: New uniform 

I love Summertimes new addition to his maid harem, I must have missed out on the audition 😆


I got one lovely maid, will definitely extend her contract. 😆

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Cosplay cleavage 

Shame on me but I don’t know this character she is cosplaying.

One reason to visit your local library 

… besides reading books of course.

School daze


Am trying to choose my new PA but might keep them all.. 😆 

School daze 

Nightmare on Elm Street cosplay

Love Freddy but think I like her more 😆 if she would invade my dreams, fine!


Velma cosplay 

I love her!!

Super cute “Murky” murloc raver outfit 


Photo by @MartinWongPhoto 

Super cute “Murky” murloc raver outfit by @ItsLisaLouWho

Take a look at @megturney‘s Tweet: 

Pony play

Take a look at @ladylucielatex‘s Tweet: 

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