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FWD: New uniform 

I love Summertimes new addition to his maid harem, I must have missed out on the audition 😆


I got one lovely maid, will definitely extend her contract. 😆

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Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 



Love my little maids. .

And then one not so little… 😲

FWD: Tea and cake

Not a fan of tea but I can change after this.. 😆

Via Summertime


Two hot Asian maids

Smoking maid

Am sure Summertime had this beauty before..

One hot maid

Via sensual drift



I think we all would hire her on the spot.

Via Summertime


FWD: Keep walking

Sorry all I know it’s been a lot of reposts from other bloggers today but I think you will forgive me after seeing this, maybe last reblog of today.

Via Summertime

DAMN U SUMMERTIME AND YOUR HAREM OF MAIDS. phew just needed to get that out of my system 😆😆

Maid in heaven 

Dust some more… 

Tired maid 

It’s Sunday , let’s relax.

My kitchen staff

On a quick break…

My new maid

Not really doing much but I’ll keep  here anyway 😆

Maid for halloween

Need her to clean up the mess after the party. 

Sexy maid selfies 

Kickass maid

She did not like my suggestion to polish my know 😆

Sexy Asian maid

Need cleaning?

Aw hell yeah 😆

My asian maid

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