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Todays reblogs

Sexy Nadine over at

Hot cosplayer girl dressed as Starfire from the Teen Titans via

And a lovely vintage spanking going on at Voice in the corner

And had to post this ice queen from

Lastly a maid to tease from Summertime

Maid in heaven 

FWD: Dress down Friday 

I love casual Friday!

Via my dear Summertime 

Yesterdays reblogs 

This was meant for yesterday but my Internet decided to give me the finger and refused to cooperate with me, maybe it has something against gorgeous girl. 😨😨

Happy Wednesday  to everyone and now time to change the channel to see what my fellow pervs are up to…

No point to even comment on what Summertime is doing.. 😆

Bend over via Summertime 

And for some bikini loving


 And boyofbow is having lolitas in plenty.

Via boyofbow

 And another of Summertime conquest.. 

And both and Vinnieh has butts on their mind



Via bunsareallthatyourequire

Ok damn u Summertime and yr maids 😆 my maid harem is in need of new replacement like her below.. 

Via Summertime 

FWD: New uniform 

I love Summertimes new addition to his maid harem, I must have missed out on the audition 😆


I got one lovely maid, will definitely extend her contract. 😆

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Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 



Love my little maids. .

And then one not so little… 😲

FWD: Tea and cake

Not a fan of tea but I can change after this.. 😆

Via Summertime


Two hot Asian maids

Smoking maid

Am sure Summertime had this beauty before..

One hot maid

Via sensual drift



I think we all would hire her on the spot.

Via Summertime


FWD: Keep walking

Sorry all I know it’s been a lot of reposts from other bloggers today but I think you will forgive me after seeing this, maybe last reblog of today.

Via Summertime

DAMN U SUMMERTIME AND YOUR HAREM OF MAIDS. phew just needed to get that out of my system 😆😆

Maid in heaven 

Dust some more… 

Tired maid 

It’s Sunday , let’s relax.

My kitchen staff

On a quick break…

My new maid

Not really doing much but I’ll keep  here anyway 😆

Maid for halloween

Need her to clean up the mess after the party. 

Sexy maid selfies 

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