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Todays pinup Hot Latex


by Alvarado

Todays pinup Baby Doll


by Alvarado

Todays pinup


via Alvarado

Pinup russian style

Well, it is redhead day so why not go commie red as well while we are at it…


via Alvarado



via Alvarado

Todays pinup


Todays pinup – yaaarrrgghhh


via Alvarado

Todays pinup


Joining up?

Alvarado has done some great stuff and this time he has truly gone all the way with his army/navy girls… via Alvarado 


Todays 14 days pinups in one go…

Well, why not…









…and you want shakes
with that?cherry_pickin_by_hihosteverino-d4ga3tphousewife_by_hihosteverino-d4fls2othe_backside_by_hihosteverino-d4fiyd4happy_veterans_day_by_hihosteverino-d4ftz7utumblr_lrr5dtaPxM1qdbvmko1_500the_vacuum_cleaner_my_way_by_hihosteverino-d4frfrgtumblr_lrtvqy16qC1r1fpeto1_500tumblr_lrvd0jjHY11qi67eeo1_500tumblr_lrvuddRKtF1qe5lq2o1_500tumblr_lrvvusbvOm1qgxdbdo1_500tumblr_ls954x29YT1qiu0ivo1_500tumblr_lscpxhLjtA1qca432o1_500tumblr_ltparwpdAW1qghdqro1_500

Todays pinup


via Alvarado

A bunch of sexy pinups in one post

Since November 8 and November 11’s Todays pinup was actually the same girl/pinup/photo I feel obliged to make amends for that double-post. Have a memory like a goldfish so I’m happy to see the same girl twice Winking smile So hope you accept my humble apologies with this nice mix of sexy hot pinups.


Todays pinup Twiggyesque


via Alvarado

Todays pinup


My September ‘Todays pinup’ collection

All of my photoblogs for September months ‘Todays pinup’.

Click here for my September page for this months modern/vintage/retro pinups and the bigger pictures. Just a few tasters below, to see them all, click on a picture and enjoy.

bite itcherry_glam_by_ophelias_overdose-d4294sxoh those stockingsold_hollywood_bw_by_hihosteverino-d41o7t0

The Alvarado babes

favorite_bathing_suit_by_hihosteverino-d49vvb4You know what, I was planning on holding on to these babes for my Todays pinup collection but bugger that, got enough posts there. Enjoy!

About Robert Alvarado, United States in his own words:

“I’m actually just a regular guy really, doing what I love. I’ve been doing predominately Pin-Up/Boudoir type photography for the last 4 years as it seems to fit my style very well I am a very visual person, and have always been drawn to art and anything graphic. I have always appreciated the female form and growing up in the late 50’s early 60’s, can recall looking at the magazines with illustrations of women. I have basically turned those memories into the art form you see in my images today. It is very nice thing that others appreciate what I do and for that I am very grateful.
I must say that I have had a lot of help though, great Make Up Artist, Hair Stylists and stunning models. When you have a good team to work with you’re bound to get good results. I just hope others enjoy the art form as much as I do. And…the biggest thing in my photography is… Having FUN!”


via Alvarado

Todays pinup


via Alvarado

Todays pinup


via Alvarado

My August ‘Todays pinup’ collection

All of my photoblogs for August months ‘Todays pinup’.

Click here for my August page for this months modern/vintage/retro pinups and the bigger pictures. Just a few tasters below, to see them all, click on a picture and enjoy.

bernie dexterpinup bre via Angel of Artepinup girls loves cokesexysexy_girl_wrench_B-795588

Todays pinup on the bar desk


via Alvarado

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