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Guys smoking

Smoking hot

Let’s start with one for the girls …

And now with the girls 

For the girls: Hot guys 

And yes there are some great sexy smoking photos of hot guys so enjoy gals.

Smoking Jack

Jack can never ever be considered uncool…


Rugged smoker

Like the rugged look…


Sexy Smokers IX – from Mikesh Kaos

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And one for the girls to enjoy of guys smoking, bloody brilliant photographer Mikesh Kaos. Check out his site here.

 almond_flowers_by_mikeshkaos call_our_ships_to_port_by_mikeshkaos f51f51a896d5eecb395a902765c4f5e1 forget_the_past_by_mikeshkaos give_back_my_heart_by_mikeshkaos  the_right_way_by_mikeshkaos

Sexy Smokers VIII

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My daily cough of great smoking pictures, enjoy.
















like_you_let_me_down_before_by_darkbylarissaEMPTY_HEART_by_Supers0nic7550a28cdaa69a65a4bec877c44141bc  Smoke_________by_smile_and_cryim_a_smoker_by_the_psycrothicwhen_I_grown_up____by_MjCoR

Sexy Smokers VII – from Yesterdaysmind

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Something for the girls who like smoking guys for once. Truly enjoy this photographers smoking pictures, he is an excellent photographer.

After_twilight_by_yesterdaysmindCigarbreak_II_by_yesterdaysmind Day_watch_by_yesterdaysmindGNY_by_yesterdaysmind Oher_side_by_yesterdaysmindRemake_by_yesterdaysmind Stay_disconected_by_yesterdaysmindStay_disconected_I_by_yesterdaysmind

Sexy Smokers VI

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__peace_of_mind___by_A_T_I_S0d993949e9ea3804d3ffc0337f3c3a43  1b263dbbb57f56e31016b53578cc14724PM_by_paRanOYiqzz 7ce7a698276fbb1809f2a34c15d8c5e442708977a0f99950782ea052dd7981385a59421727b62de7ffc147323a8e42ec 5cc46a72017b56787af73fcb5fdef1345ebf0c66e6d4f2467e02b9e717d11003_oceans_of_wine__finding_you__by_oberst17635f240b6be0435f11cadf37277a54ecb aga4_by_bubble_gum_heart927b493c81986bdc3003864d4adebdf7 bilirsin_by_streetQueen Djuliano_from_Europe_by_yesterdaysminde0bad00d8c856ea8acefb421182e5758 fda6bd6cd5ed4793740beef7f95e33f9Not_in_trouble_by_pepytta Smoke__by_Be_atS_m_o_k_e__by_DragonOfLust Smoking_by_porbital Until_we_bleed_by_st3fan3lboby

Sexy Smokers V

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Some gorgeous girls smoking away, had a field day on Deviantart finding these ones, and more to come (have got blogposts up to Sexy Smokers 9 ready 🙂 )… so prepare to cough away…. And as usual, click on the pictures for bigger size.

Pink_smoke_by_depicapica Seduction_by_acidtrips                             

 Kein_Rauch_ohne_Flamme_by_BarbieGuitars Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH               


Excellent smoking fetish photos from Mike Trobee Studios

4a52cb723b0a6 4a652eb5a4788 4a38604fc05ce 4929b061812cb 479220af14220

Just pure love from me to Mike Trobees work of smoking people. My heart beats quicker than ever now.

See more of Mike’s work at:

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Smoking guys – smoking fetish

Some gorgeous pictures for us smoking fetish people. Just gotta adore the sensual smoke coming out of the mouth or the inhale.

Smoking fetishism is a sexual fetish (paraphilia), consisting of the fetishisation of the smoking of tobacco, including cigarettes, cigars or even pipes.

Usually I only have girls smoking but realised that there is a lot of girls out there who might like to see some eyecandy as well.

Use this link for some of the girls smoking.

47c273b8a5cb5 47f90ee8c034c48af1e219f20b48e3a30f38bb748b6fec155ad4 48fa5cc2eda00 461ff7ef626ae me BW with glowing eyes


<< Had to put in a picture of myself. 🙂















Love the last one, maybe not the prettiest face but surely the most interesting picture.

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Sexy smokers III

26316-fullsizedavid,vasiljevic,smoking-8b746ba6f499dd0ebd78d81fdba132d7_h 16_08_2007_0215913001187254186_tim_platt   20081221040441black,and,white,constrast,sexy,smoking-8ab174b98459d3adc0c380acbc49b005_hcigarette,glasses,smoke,red,stylish,smoking-52343c4b1fbe388fb98c08d93adc85b1_h16463878_4455bf2374  black,and,white,bw,cigarette,girl,headphones,music-403c18f69e93fe8668a08fcf9b6239f8_h  cigarette,girl,ihana,photo,portrait,smoking-b74f14a821e11094e3237258945e3b0f_h

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