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Snoopy is down #lol

Mayday mayday.. 😆 

Tea dog fight

Sorry mam but there is a tiny airplane in my cuppa.. 😆 

High-five #lol

You know u want to 😆

The reason evolution started #lol

Hihi.. I love Piraro. 

Alcohol #lol

Sad but slightly true… 

Patience is a virtue #lol

but i don’t have it 😆 slow people drive me crazy, either at work or commonplace people walking sloooowly.. aargh drives me crazy.

Make sense #lol

Nope.. 😆 

Me last night.. #lol

So tried but my brain kept on coming up with ideas.. Damn u brain… I need sleep! 

I’m a fucking black Barbie

Lego nightmare #lol

New slippers

I’m so enjoying my new flamingo slippers! !!


I know, this is definitely not a blog for political forum or views but man oh man do I agree with the mayor of Berlin to Mr President Trump.

A wall is just not working, it will just divide more.


And to relax everyone with a random sexy girl by the wall, here you go.

And if you need some more relaxing, fireplace time..

Peanut quandary #lol

I so love this comic strip..


Keep the magic alive in your life. Never let go of your imagination.

Animal meme 

That first one killed me.. 

Pizza! Where are you #lol

When your friends asks… #lol 

Found this when my friend Rain and me meet up for a drink and writing moment last week.  Was great and damn fun. I might not have done the writing I wanted to but had a great time.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse #lol

BDSM #lol


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