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Night put with the boys #lol

Nice pair #lol


Really? ? My girl is a Capricorn and not sure about this one..

Via Girls love stories 1953

The UK Brexit negotiation team #lol #monthypython

‘Nuff said 😆

Via John Cleese


Been away for a while and forgot to put my blog on out of office mode 😆 it’s summertime in Prague and have enjoyed a week off from everything. No Internet in my family’s cottage, it does wonder to actually disconnect completely sometimes. No wifi, no mobile. Just cutting grass, go fishing, drink a beer and enjoy the countryside… 

Hope you all are doing great and am enjoying life.

You’re gonna get your feelings hurt

Where it just went wrong..

I hope u agree with me. I don’t know who she is but sometimes it just goes wrong with plastic surgery. If I would have seen her boobs alone I would have said “whohooo” and then seeing her face I would say WTF! What went wrong.. 

Aaahhh. ..!!! Way too much girl..

Good night..

My Saturday selfie from my local pubs toilet.. 😆

And just so that u get a lovely girl although she was most definitely not in my pub but she definitely has that Saturday  feeling 😆

Swedish people splitting the bill 

Ohh am so enjoying myself but feel so sorry for the poor waitresses who got a group of 10 swedish people. I’m sitting with a big ass grin when the bill comes to their table.

When it comes to the Swedes, we pay everything according to the bill but damn, we will put out our calculator to make sure we are all paying correctly and yes I saw 10 people studying that bill like a national budget. And then making sure everyone is paying their share. Damn u if u say you didn’t have that red wine. We will find out who had that red wine.. 😆

High blood pressure 😆

No wonder..



The life of a college student 😆

Good morning coffee


On my to do list today

The tourist is funny

From El Paso herald Texas january 31 1928 and very true..

Black Girls Kiss White Guys ‘For the First Time

Oki this is awesome, let’s get some kissing going.. 

And i love BBQ, White People Go to a Black BBQ ‘For the First Time

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Old White Man and Sexy Black Chick ft. OG Pollard

Now we are all different and I so enjoyed this… I feel like dancing now..

Busy at work 

And somehow managed to squeeze some time to find photos…

I know they are out there watching… Damn u ducks…

I like this quote… 

What I did today 

Yes fucking yes.. I typed like a manic denying and paying people. Good days 😆

Ahh bring on the Sunday for the same thing.. Hihi… 

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