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The life of a college student 😆

Good morning coffee


On my to do list today

The tourist is funny

From El Paso herald Texas january 31 1928 and very true..

Black Girls Kiss White Guys ‘For the First Time

Oki this is awesome, let’s get some kissing going.. 

And i love BBQ, White People Go to a Black BBQ ‘For the First Time

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Old White Man and Sexy Black Chick ft. OG Pollard

Now we are all different and I so enjoyed this… I feel like dancing now..

Busy at work 

And somehow managed to squeeze some time to find photos…

I know they are out there watching… Damn u ducks…

I like this quote… 

What I did today 

Yes fucking yes.. I typed like a manic denying and paying people. Good days 😆

Ahh bring on the Sunday for the same thing.. Hihi… 

Are we the Baddies?’ Mitchell and Webb Funny Nazi Scetch

Was rewatching the Mitchell and Webb show and i had totally forgot this sketch, it’s so damn funny.. 

Give me coffee..

And good morning world.. 

Sinful Ben Franklin 

Isn’t this a beautiful obituary.

Sinful Ben Franklin – He ate too much and drank too much but…


Easter Message from Sean Spicer – SNL

SNL gotta love Trump and Spice,  so much to make fun off.. 

Saucy postcards

I so love these ones..

The universe in your hands

The smokers corner 🚭

This is my fellow smokers waiting for the bus. Since no smoking is allowed by the bus stop we gather at this corner for a puff.. quite depressing really 😆 and it reminded me off a clip from the great show The IT crowd.

Lazy ass Saturday 

Had one of those days where I was bored as hell… so what do you do, you call Ghotstbusters, well yes in normal cases of supernatural phenomenon you would but in this case I just needed some social touch and I got it in the case of Rain from writing up my serotonin who answered my call.. 🔊

And honestly dudes and dudettes, Prague is beautiful but running out of beer by 5pm. Really?  So we had one beer on the riverside and due to lack of beer, we had to do a strategic retreat to the other side of the river.

So off we go over the bridge where we see more people and possibly more beer possibility .

Ohhh. .. We found and  enjoyed a nice fair, where they had more pivo and lovely conversation whereby I hated Rain, when she mentioned she got hold of tickets to Hans Zimmer koncert  (a God in my eyes) and yes she did mention how good it was just to pour more salt in my wounds. Thank you, thank you. 😆 


Ohhh love it..

A Great day out just chilling.. Thanks Rain

Kill me now… 

I know for a fact that girls can synchronise their periods but now I’m wondering if bloggers can as well 😆 Today been one awful day, am training new people and I hope they don’t read my blog. All good and well,  yes new people but after stating the same thing over and over and still they don’t get it.. Three more weeks to go..  

And was about to find a good crying out loud gif but Summertime was ahead of me. So he knew my pain 😆

It’s Saturday…

.. just chill.. my dog is definitely doing it.. This is his favourite position while snoring like a freight train 😆

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