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Black Girls Kiss White Guys ‘For the First Time

Oki this is awesome, let’s get some kissing going.. 

And i love BBQ, White People Go to a Black BBQ ‘For the First Time

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Old White Man and Sexy Black Chick ft. OG Pollard

Now we are all different and I so enjoyed this… I feel like dancing now..

What I did today 

Yes fucking yes.. I typed like a manic denying and paying people. Good days 😆

Ahh bring on the Sunday for the same thing.. Hihi… 

Give me coffee..

And good morning world.. 

Sinful Ben Franklin 

Isn’t this a beautiful obituary.

Sinful Ben Franklin – He ate too much and drank too much but…


The smokers corner 🚭

This is my fellow smokers waiting for the bus. Since no smoking is allowed by the bus stop we gather at this corner for a puff.. quite depressing really 😆 and it reminded me off a clip from the great show The IT crowd.

Lazy ass Saturday 

Had one of those days where I was bored as hell… so what do you do, you call Ghotstbusters, well yes in normal cases of supernatural phenomenon you would but in this case I just needed some social touch and I got it in the case of Rain from writing up my serotonin who answered my call.. 🔊

And honestly dudes and dudettes, Prague is beautiful but running out of beer by 5pm. Really?  So we had one beer on the riverside and due to lack of beer, we had to do a strategic retreat to the other side of the river.

So off we go over the bridge where we see more people and possibly more beer possibility .

Ohhh. .. We found and  enjoyed a nice fair, where they had more pivo and lovely conversation whereby I hated Rain, when she mentioned she got hold of tickets to Hans Zimmer koncert  (a God in my eyes) and yes she did mention how good it was just to pour more salt in my wounds. Thank you, thank you. 😆 


Ohhh love it..

A Great day out just chilling.. Thanks Rain

Kill me now… 

I know for a fact that girls can synchronise their periods but now I’m wondering if bloggers can as well 😆 Today been one awful day, am training new people and I hope they don’t read my blog. All good and well,  yes new people but after stating the same thing over and over and still they don’t get it.. Three more weeks to go..  

And was about to find a good crying out loud gif but Summertime was ahead of me. So he knew my pain 😆

Almighty inbox..

Took me a while but am so happy that I have now cleaned my inbox.. ohh.. 

My fingers are now hurting of liking and commenting, damn you bloggers. 😆

Ohhh i so love letters.. 😆 😆 

Btw we want to know how much you got waiting in your inbox…😨😨

Swedens national dish could be Tacos!!

Oki this post by Watching the Swedes actually hurt me, btw it’s not the bloggers fault but rather my fellow swedes. 

Excerpt from Neil Shipley’s awesome blog:

If you’ve ever wondered what Sweden’s National Dish is, now is the time to take part in a competition hosted by radio station P3. So far, the folowwing have been eliminated: falafel, swede, ‘plankstek’ (literally steak on a plank) and ‘palt’ (dumplings).

All good so far until I saw that TACOS is on the list… really fucking TACOS… 

Don’t get me wrong, I love them but apparently they are on the list as National dish to vote for!! My whole body is in turmoil here, if tacos wins I’m resigning my swedish passport. 😆

I need a Falukorv to settle down now.. 


Walk in – walk out..

Work today:

8-9:  1 hour of doing something.
—‘ system outage ‘— 

9-9:30 : BBC news.. or what has Trump done now..

9:30-10:30: Twitter check

*System still down*

10-11: Facebook check

*System still down*
Panic setting in, oki what to read now on the net.. let’s stare at the ceiling for a while… oki done.. talk to colleagues staring at ceiling.. oki done.. check if system is working.. nope. . Oki.. 

12:30 :  telling my boss I’m taking half day off…

I just hate hate not being productive, it really hurts me sitting doing nothing. Goosebumps galore. 

Damn u lazy bugger

Oki… feeling energised again after my ride with her… 😊 so after 5 days of not checking my inbox of unread blog post,  arghhh.. I got 700 unread emails to go through…

Well not quite that many..

Damn me and laziness. So will take some time and since I start by the latest blog posts some bloggers are getting very late replies. But I will get there.. Some day.. maybe.. But I still think the record for inbox count goes to… yes that’s I want Ice Water who I believe had over 10000 emails he was still trying to go through 😨.  At that moment I would delete everything! 

So for any late blog replies, sorry but am getting to u soon 😆

I’m a fucking black Barbie

New slippers

I’m so enjoying my new flamingo slippers! !!


I know, this is definitely not a blog for political forum or views but man oh man do I agree with the mayor of Berlin to Mr President Trump.

A wall is just not working, it will just divide more.


And to relax everyone with a random sexy girl by the wall, here you go.

And if you need some more relaxing, fireplace time..


Keep the magic alive in your life. Never let go of your imagination.

Me, opening up to someone #lol #slightysad

Oh but so true.. I might let you in but to really know know me, yeah that might take some time..

Spam me happy 

I love my spam box:

​Young and beautiful blond girl is looking for a man. Ready to serious relationship, want kids. Pro in sex and ready to everything, i like anal sex.

Yes because what I look into a future spouse is anal sex. That means they are committed to a full on relationship. 😆 

Crazy buggers..

images.jpgThink I got a crazy fucker sign on me whenever I finish working late. I sit down and yes I get a person next to me mumbling… so what does one do, you move of course. But oh no, next stop galore, of course loony no 2 arrives being upset I’m sitting on his seat.

Move number 3 and what the hell.. crazy no 3 arrives and mumbles, stares at me and seems happy that I agree, hell I agree to anything at this moment and then gets upset when I don’t listen to him.  Aaaah move number 4. It looks oki so far… nice old lady next to me until she thinks I’m her lost found husband… at this time I’m surrounded by crazy people in my train, I really can’t move anywhere. So I’m happy w this lady.

PS.  I didn’t go home w her, she fell asleep happily… 😆

The Beauty Calibrator

Am pretty sure I saw this contraption in one of the Saw movies.

The Beauty Calibrator, aka the Beauty Micrometer, created by beautician Max Factor in the early 1930s. Designed as a tool for Hollywood makeup artists, the micrometer would provide precise measurements of facial characteristics and identify any ‘flaws’. Were any flaws detected, they would be corrected with makeup.


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