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I’m Batman vs Calvin and Hobbes


Superheroes texting

Due library book

Screw the recipe

Instructions paeh..

This is truly me.. After 5 hours i might check because nothing is working or looking like it should 😆

Man turns into scotsman

Honestly I was laughing like a mad man, I’ve seen all Monthy Python but totally forgot this sketch. Close enough to be a Brexit parody 🙂

Good days 😆

Boobs and beer *lol*


Medical fact *lol*

Ladies first *lol* 😆

More to life *lol* 😆

A bit of Fry & Laurie – The Letter”

Superheroes dilemma

Ohhh. .

Night put with the boys #lol

Nice pair #lol

The UK Brexit negotiation team #lol #monthypython

‘Nuff said 😆

Via John Cleese

High blood pressure 😆

No wonder..



The life of a college student 😆


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