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Really? ? My girl is a Capricorn and not sure about this one..

Via Girls love stories 1953

Good morning coffee

On my to do list today

Busy at work 

And somehow managed to squeeze some time to find photos…

I know they are out there watching… Damn u ducks…

I like this quote… 

Sometimes you just go WTF!

Love the cover but still WTF!

Cool illustrations by Karl Mountford

Some amazing alternative covers. My favourite is the below for The secret garden, man I love that book.. and 2nd is definitely Where the wild things are.

You can find the artist on twitter: @karlj_mountford

Tea dog fight

Sorry mam but there is a tiny airplane in my cuppa.. 😆 

You there, cup of coffee!

Yes happy Thursday to y’all. And yes I do tend to say this to my first cuppa… 😆 

One day…


Coffee time 

The signal for me.. 

Coffee time 


I love this.. Small talk is nice but..


Vintage shirt-suit

Who came up with this idea and can I still order it? 😆

Gift for Rincewind #wtf

Just kidding but damn… what an ad.

Leave a little sparkle..

I love this.. Thanks Rennee.

Prescription coffee 

My medical medicine every day just as the doctor ordered.. 😆

I fell in love with a painting

Absolutely awesome..

The night sky


Dear writer..

Cellophane – Vintage ad 

Yes let’s kill them off with cellophane .  argh


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