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Tea dog fight

Sorry mam but there is a tiny airplane in my cuppa.. 😆 

You there, cup of coffee!

Yes happy Thursday to y’all. And yes I do tend to say this to my first cuppa… 😆 

One day…


Coffee time 

The signal for me.. 

Coffee time 


I love this.. Small talk is nice but..


Vintage shirt-suit

Who came up with this idea and can I still order it? 😆

Gift for Rincewind #wtf

Just kidding but damn… what an ad.

Leave a little sparkle..

I love this.. Thanks Rennee.

Prescription coffee 

My medical medicine every day just as the doctor ordered.. 😆

I fell in love with a painting

Absolutely awesome..

The night sky


Dear writer..

Cellophane – Vintage ad 

Yes let’s kill them off with cellophane .  argh


Happy 1st advent

And in my little abode the  Christmas tree has arisen and it wasn’t until I saw it fully that I realised that my tree looks like a communistic xmas tree with the red star on top. Ah well. Na zdravi comrades. 😆

Let’s be sexist – Vintage ads

Actually this I would probably do, Don’t mess with my coffee 😆

Bizarre Vintage ads

Trophy wife

Coincidence or not… 

The world is beautiful 

Don’t you agree.  

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