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Isaac Asimov

Have been re reading The foundation by Isaacs Asimov, haven’t read it since I was 14 years old and totally forgot just how brilliant author this man was. Am enjoying my re education into his world’s again.


Asimov is widely considered a master of hard science fiction and, along with Robert A. Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke, he was considered one of the “Big Three” science fiction writers during his lifetime. Asimov’s most famous work is the Foundation Series; his other major series are the Galactic Empire series and the Robot series.

Asimov was one of the most prolific writers of all time, having written or edited more than 500 books and he was a long-time member and vice president of Mensa International, albeit reluctantly; he described some members of that organization as “brain-proud and aggressive about their IQs”. LOL!


Living a book


I do tend to get into a book almost too much… live it, breathe it…

Book love


Hell yeah..



Or as my girl says, “STOP that reading” and then I have to explain that I’m in the middle of a really exciting part of the book.

Oki, she just started stroking herself,  book is away… very quickly.. 😉

No choice



Literary Portal

Literary Portal, Dartmouth, New Hampshire –


Am so creating this whenever I get my own house, want a book portal so much.

Monday book club

In case you don’t want to hear about my reviews skip to the last for a sexy book reader.

3 books finished this week, no erotic ones but that will be amended next week.

John Grisham “Bleachers” – Quite a bit away from his normal field, no lawyers, no thriller. Just a novel about memories of football players coming back to mourn their old coach. I wasn’t to moved by this one but definitely not a bad book.
★★/5 ( 2 stars)

Michael Crichton “Airframe” – the first pages got me hooked considering I work in the airline business. Story is about a flight crash and the figuring out why. Mostly this is a decent book about the media coverage and the cynical world we live in. Really gripping but not his best. ★★ / 5 stars (2 stars)

Dean R Koontz “Door to December” – Decent book but very predictable.  When you realise 50 pages in that you know the ending,  kinda defeats the point to continue reading but he does have a way with his writing that makes you go along for the ride. ★★★/5 stars (3 stars)


And now to start my Steven Erikson reading…

10c dime Mystery/detective magazine


Pulp magazines (often referred to as “the pulps”) are inexpensive fiction magazines published from 1896 through the 1950s. The typical pulp magazine was 7 inches (18 cm) wide by 10 inches (25 cm) high, 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) thick, and 128 pages long. Pulps were printed on cheap paper with ragged, untrimmed edges.

The term pulp derives from the cheap wood pulp paper on which the magazines were printed. Magazines printed on higher quality paper were called “glossies” or “slicks”. In their first decades, pulps were most often priced at ten cents per magazine, while competing slicks were 25 cents apiece.

I do so love the covers though.

Pulp covers

And other cool artworks



I do like my kindle but love my book collection more..

Here’s to books…


Another great book quote. ..

Damn I love Colin Firth…

for this quote…


And due to this GREAT quote,  here are some superb pictures of the man.

The smell of books



You book nerds will understand 😉

READING: “Books and Culture” / Ray Bradbury

Cover: Women in crime


RIP Ray Bradbury

Such an amazing author and visionary mind. I read the Illustrated man first when I was 12 and fell in love with him, it didn’t help my outdoor life a bit that he also was doing the Ray Bradbury Theatre, I was stuck… Shame to see him go but he will live on in his books and in my mind.

“I’m not a science fiction writer,” he was frequently quoted as saying. “I’ve written only one book of science fiction [“Fahrenheit 451”]. All the others are fantasy. Fantasies are things that can’t happen, and science fiction is about things that can happen.”

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” – Ray Bradbury

I can recommend Vondur’s youtube channel for quite a lot of episodes from the TV-series.

Fuck me, Ray Bradbury (reblog)

//Published 18th of August 2010//

Stuck in a book (reblog)

sexyreader_thumbIn my view, there is nothing sexier than a girl reading a book.

Click here to see 3 more hot girls and their books

//Published 02nd of October 2010//

Book cover for S&M…. (via The Intoxication of Vera Roberts)

I actually have finally purchased a kindle so now I can finally read these sexy stories that my girl in the states (and yes, Caliwinter, I know she is yours once again Smile ) is publishing.

Her 2nd book Scott & Mariana is soon out (I guess…)


Details on where to find it will be made soon…. … Read More

via The Intoxication of Vera Roberts

If you missed her first book, click here to jump over to amazon.

Reading While Walking

I loved this article which showed me that I was not alone doing this. I love reading my book while walking, you will never see me without an book I can promise you that. On my walk to the tube station (25 minutes) I can get through quite a lot of pages while managing to duck the obstacles that one does come across, mainly other people or streetlamps. But it doesn’t always works, I have managed to find myself once or twice hitting my head quite good while walking into streetlamps. So I hope there are others who are like me as well… Read on guys and girls…

If you’ve ever seen someone reading while walking (“readwalking”), you might’ve made any number of reasonable assumptions: They’re reading a really good book They’re probably lacking a little in safety consciousness They spend a lot of time walking every day and have realized that reading while walking maximizes their re … Read More

via The Monster in Your Closet

sexy girl reading

The above one doesn’t really have anything to do with readwalking but it is a good picture though…

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