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Todays pinup Game of Thrones

Way cool pinup art.

Barbarella vintage asian poster


Yes because a belt will really avoid those swords coming at ya *reality check* 😆

Ohh such a cool Electra..

Space pinup 

Space out 

Let’s space out with another great artwork.

Sexy super ladies


Retro movie time at casa Rincewind tonite, it’s Krull time… man i love this flick..

Keres – Godess of Death

Well, I guess death is not that bad 😆

By Mike Krome, website 

THE KERES were female spirits (daimones) of violent or cruel death, including death in battle, by accident, murder or ravaging disease. 

All girls like a bad guy 

Damn u monster.. 😆 

Pinups and Monsters by Carlos Valenzuela.

llustrations by Carlos Valenzuela. More artworks by Carlos on his website and deviantart


Am just finishing off H.P Lovecraft books one by one and man I so love his eerie imagination. 

Assassin – cool artwork 

Red Sonja – art

Kim Bum – illustrator


The barnstable twins, Cyb and Patricia  Richard Benjamin in the shortlived sci-fi spoof from the 1970s Quark. 


Sexy assassin 

Black lagoon 

Via loopydave

Metal etched memories 

Way cool…


Lady dagger 


Retro sci-fi art

A view of Pluto . 

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