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Saturday quickie

Some quick Saturday reblog:

In case you hadn’t heard, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un threatened yet another ‘Merciless’ attack against the U.S. a couple of days ago – this time in ‘retaliation’ over the pending release of this new movie.


And bring on the Internet to provide funny photos.  Go check them out over at I want ice water

And if you feeling like gasping for air… well…


Via Grumpy old fart

And on the twittersphere I found this.


Via @Jr72skylark’s

And honestly the 80s was an awful hair do century.  I did date a girl with just this hairdo.


Via The dose

Found my new toothpaste at least.


Via @theretronaut


Instead of reblogs thought I just do some twitter reblogs today. Just click on the pictures for the direct link or the links underneath for their twitter accounts.


And Bob made me cry of laughter considering I have the same problem when visiting IKEA.


From @Michal


From Lucy V


And this one made my day as well. From @shoutabyss


From @scienceporn


From @theretronaut


25 years since Burtons Batman. Holy crap batbuddies.

And a classy smoker from @Mutze1’s tweet:


What’s up doc

Just a little reblog recap on what’s up over on some other places.

Izaakmak from I want ice water is letting go with a massive blog post which made me laugh and enjoy. A massive mashup of all his voices in his head trying to get out and post pictures 🙂


I’ve heard it said that if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit. I’m not exactly sure which of those categories this post falls into, but I am sure that today is the first day of Summer, and that there are 69 reflections of my thoughts in this image gallery…

And Summertime over at Grumpy old fart keeps on showing off his maids… damn him and his harem, have been trying to break in there but the security maids on duty are hard to get pass…one day… One day..


Head in a vice is back. If you like your horror reviews,  can’t advice a better to place to chill out. 

And seems it getting hot over at Prince charming isn’t here and who can blame her after seeing this video.

Suddenly I am feeling motivated, if Kylie Minogue was my instructor.
I just had to get some cold water to douse myself, it was too steamy up in here!

And Pimpf is enjoying some Star Wars ladies…


Never liked the Ewoks but have now changed my mind 🙂

And a new edition of vintage girliemags is up at Retrorambling with Slim And Trim, But Not So Prim A digital recreation of an article published in Baby Doll Magazine Vol1 No2 from 1963 .


And over at Social Overdose they are letting out the rabbits and dreaming of latex.

Scorpions is still going strong over at Simple & interesting. Bring back the power ballads.

Ok enough for today… have a great Sunday y’all…


ohh love this one and try to abide to it, lived in 3 different countries so far and no regrets…

Pimpf : Drifting somewhere...


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How good isn’t this video. Feel good Saturday feeling in Rincewinds head now.

Cool Berman

Give a little love…

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Halloween Treat: Elfman

I so do love Danny Elfman music and to hear him singing Jack the pumpkin king song, awesome.

tobor x tobor

One movie that is a must watch for Halloween is A Nightmare Before Christmas. A friend of mine was lucky enough to travel to L.A. recently to see a symphony perform Tim Burton film music. Danny Elfman, a genius-at-large, made an appearance to perform some of the songs from A Nightmare Before Christmas. While I don’t have a video of that performance, here he is performing in London at a similar engagement. So amazing!

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What I think whenever I’m with my girl…

Old and New

Sometimes I start a post with saved links and I totally forget to post ’em. So here is some old and new ones that I’ve enjoyed,

OMG, It’s Porn!
Well, technically it’s not. On the other hand, while these videos aren’t exactly NSFW, your boss might just frown upon the crowd of giggling coworkers who’ll gather around while you’re watching them! 😉

Sunday visions
I can think of no better way to follow the thought provoking videos in my Sunday Reflections… than with some beautiful and thought provoking photography…

This review had mixed emotions for me, on one hand I remembered loving this movie as a 10/11 year old as well as following up the tall man in Fangoria magazine. But yes it is a shit movie though.
Morgan Lewis review on Phantasm is quite accurate. And here I thought I had good taste as a kid. ●sigh●

This is a great 3 parter about life as an expat in the UK. This story works for me as well but if you’re from the states you will so get this.
Spinsters Compass about life as an expat part 3 (do click on part 1 and 2 as well).

And let the crap begin at IPC blog, all the crap movies we shouldn’t see is being reviewed here. Shitfest 2013 Fall issue They are taking a bullet for us here so we wont have to see it, btw if you do read the post about the Sting movie, dont make my mistake and watch that clip. I still want my 2 and a half minute back of my life back but filmhipster is refusing to refund them back to me. 😉


Oh yeah! U pesky kids...

Mental alchemy via I want ice water


Some food for thought to nibble on with breakfast. Err, make that lunch. Dinner? Aw hell, I just hope you like it! 😉
Via I want ice water

Some awesome stuff here plus monkeys coming out of an ass is always a good bonus

Congratulations Rincewind

Love the clean up service and love this gift but no give backs allowed 🙂


Four years blogging deserves a mention and knowing Rincewind’s liking for my maids I thought it only right to send the delightful Konomi Mizusawa to help tidy up and perhaps ——–

From grumpy old fart, click for more…

Congratulations Rincewind –2,000,000 hits

Love to be congratulated by Grumpy Old fart but love the Bryoni Kate… Mmmmm…


Congratulations Rincewind on reaching the magical 2,000,000

Via Grumpy old fart

stress less

I approve of these steps.. More hugs to the people..

La Femme.

Ar trebui să învăț din nou cum să zâmbesc…



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Some amazing pinup shots….

Boyofbows Weblog

Link To More Images By Nikita Gushue

Link To Facebook Page of Nikita Gushue

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Another one using Sinful as a title on the same day, coincidence I think not… Destiny me say…


It’s highly wicked of me to lust for you.  You don’t even know I exist.  My eyes covet immorally your beauty craving to devour you completely.

I yearn to caress your curves and shower your body in kisses.  You have no idea of the passion souls desire from you.  The sparkle of your eyes, lips and hair has ignited sinful thoughts within.

Would you be more than just a flight of fancy?  Could you be more than just a plaything?  Should your passion never be addressed?

I am but a stranger lurking within the background noise of the universe.  You a bright star warming our sinful desires.

It’s highly wicked of me, but I can’t help myself.






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Forgot to blog this yesterday, great idea so do check in her blog this month for her idea of sexy women. Love the 1st one, great painting.

Karmic Diva

For the next 30 days I’m going to rebel against the conventional ideal image of a woman … a thin youthful body with shapely hips and large breasts.

It’s no wonder some women have no compassion for their bodies.  The public image of beauty has become so standardized that if a woman doesn’t measure up to this image she often develops a distorted sense of her own beauty.  That’s so very sad.

A woman’s value to society should never be measured by her age or her curves.

Live without pretending.

Love without depending.

Listen without defending.

Speak without offending.

-Day #1-

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Wednesday reblogs

Say Hello To James Brouwer, ‘The Pixelated Nerd’

I just love this blog post of the artwork of James Brouwer, some oh so cool stuff.


Los Alamitos|Boudoir Photography| Madison


Sexy pinup shot of gorgeous model Madison

Roller Derby


Rollerparty, who’s up for it?

Redhead Girl – Ballpoint Pen


Amazing drawing and such a skill to get out so much emotion in one drawing…

Skull Tie Bar by Ralph Lauren Rugby


I so want this one…

Red Lounge

Pinup Candy is back


Zooma has some great pictures of this burlesque artist…

Love this revenge video, just enjoy and grin…

In case you forgot…

I like using the random blog post search on the blogs I visit but on new ones that I have just started, it’s brilliant and such a varied way of seeing what the blogger is all about. Today I’m doing a random one at Rhoades to Madness and came upon this hot gal, oh my my my…

but if you find yourself on a WordPress blog and want the random just add /?random after the blog address and be swept away…

lovelyblondeIn Case You Forgot…

…I’m occasionally going to post pictures of incredibly attractive women. It should be noted that I did not take or own said pictures, so I will gladly take them down if asked by parties that did take and/or own said pictures. Until that fateful day, enjoy this gorgeous and stylish blonde.

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Clothing Optional

what do you think?

A Life Un-Lived

I’ve been following another blogger, He presents a laudible collection of photography of females, but I’m always bugged by all the clothes the women wear.

Women, why do you wear clothes? If you’re alone, do you bother dressing?

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I knew I loved George R.R. Martin for a reason

Reblogged from The Intoxication of Vera Roberts:

I knew I loved George R.R. Martin for a reason

The man has a point…



gorgeous set of photos…

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