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My Favourite Laurel & Hardy Gag

this one does deserve a reblog on it’s own, have been sitting on youtube for almost an hour just watching old clips of these two great comedians…

Nerd Wash

This is just pure awesomeness, need to get myself a car NOW! 😀


In our travels, we’ve come to realize that some nerd types tend to have very relaxed personal hygiene policies. This of course is probably what keeps their geek goddesses at a distance from them. Limiting their daily worship to staring at desktop backgrounds and the occasional screen saver. Luckily, while it may seem that these nerd-gasm inducing ladies only exist in a galaxy far, far away, it turns out that if you have a decent car – that isn’t your mom’s – you can get Sara Jean Underwood to come close enough to rub herself all over your ride. That is, if you pay her and you stay in the car at all times.

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Polka Dots Rock!

Polka dot love for sure…

Perfected Pixel

Polka Dots Rock!

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Nutter Tattoos Spock & Mirror-Spock on Her Tits!

sorry but this is just AWESOME, tits aaand Spock in one go… super.


What on earth would possess you?


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Happy birthday Bob

misc-049112Not Bob!In celebration of Bob at Bob’s place – Exploring Winnipeg and beyond, a superb blogger who just seems to enjoy his Canada to bits and also his food, I actually have been so so so close to actually buy a ticket to Winnipeg just to try out that new restaurant there due to Bob’s posts.

Anyway back to the birthday boy, as a little happy birthdayAlso not Bob! gift to him I will have an all out day of Canadian beauties here today, was actually easier to find gorgeous girls from Canada than I was expecting, hell, they were to many… 

Also thought I do a reblog of one of his posts, my thought was to do the randomize but imagine if just that one would be boring as hell? Well, you never know, even the best of bloggers has a bad patch of posts they just want to forget about, anyway.. I was in luck, on my first random post on his blog I did find a great post so here goes:

Yes Virgina, There is a Winnipeg

Posted on November 7, 2010 by Bob

Much fun has been poked at my adopted home town over the years.  In cinema and in song, Winnipeg has been treated like a fictional clearing house.   In the same vein as Walla Walla, Washington or Kookamunga.

Well being Canadian means being able to take a joke.  So in honour of my home town here are some of the best videos I could find on the subject of Winnipeg!!


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  Since I felt lucky I pushed the dreaded randomizer again:

There is a 49% Chance that I am a 50 Year Old Woman

Posted on September 26, 2010 by Bob

Just when you think things couldn’t get any stranger around here, the hits keep coming.  I was doing some surfing today and came across a pretty cool website. is a text analysis website, basically you give the website your blog address and it runs a text analysis algorithm through it to decide a few things.  The probable sex, age and mood of the web site’s author are analyzed and printed out in a pie chart configuration.

So according to the computers at Urlai, after running Bob’s Place through. There is a very high probability that I am a post menopausal woman who has a generally positive outlook on life who writes with a personal style opposed to an academic tone.

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Wednesday reblogs w redheads, planets, swimwear

Just some nice cool links to enjoy if you have a few minutes over.

Picture of the day


This image looks like it can’t possibly be real, but it is. Taken back in 2006 when the Cassini spacecraft was orbiting the sixth planet, this photo captures a night-time view of Saturn as light sparkles off of its rings.

A NASA astronomer explains all the components that make up this beautiful image. Read more

Sexy redhead: Anna Easteden


International audiences are falling head over heels in love with ANNA EASTEDEN whom industry insiders are endorsing as one Fascinating Uber-Babe.

These two haven’t been in any blogs but just
found them lying around the net…


How brilliant isn’t this one…
via Gorgeous Company

You can’t see me


via Grumpy Old Fart 

Beautiful 1930’s swimwear film in colour


And the ever delightful Tidious Ted at his blog heaven Retrorama does find some great stuff, loved this video of ‘30s swimwear in colour.

While your there, do check out this one as well:

The League Against Indecent Bathing’s Work Is Never Finished


Tumblr watch:
Gabriel Garcia De Alba

He’s been on todays pinups with his photos of those sexy girls but do check in from time to time at his Tumblr where he posts his newest photo.


and I do like Garfield:


Some mixed stuff

A little mix of everything, just click on either the links or the pictures to be teleported away.

The light of Life (animation)


Superb animation from Cool Bermans blog.

Guest blog: The date from Hell

I truly laughed out loud when Ms Abyss came along and posted this guestblog about trying to teach a geeky computer nerd (her words) how to fish.

”I handed him my favorite fly rod. He slowly got the gist of it and at some point stopped listening to me. He waded into the water up to his ankles. I stressed with urgency the danger of the Unicorn’s extremely slippery rocks. Did I mention he stopped listening to me???”

Steampunk Robocop Sculpture


Need to get some space in my room for this one.

Top 50 hottest black pornstars of all time


There are some stunning girls in this countdown, via Complex magazine

10 Sexiest Ads made by total pigs


Sorry girls but there are some great videos here, the number one spot by Goodyear was really bad though but I love the Panam ‘Fly Maggie’ ad. So would have gone on that airline.

… dedicated to Rincewind…


This pinup is so cool with animated effects. Check it out at Cool Berman.

I do love Johnny Depp and ‘Fear and loathing…’ was just spectacular, so seeing that the Rum Diary is coming out is making me weak in my knees.

Friday lovelies

Some Friday re-blogs of some cool, very sexy and weird (yepp, thats your post Bob) stuff.

Click on the photos to be transported to the blogposts… Enjoy all…

The Chefs Girlfriend


via Gorgeous Company

The truth is out there 

rapture-allthereligiouswackosaregoneAnd Bob at Striking Thoughts has found some really fun and disturbing photos (Michelle Bachmann warning!)
Open-mouthed smile

New Pet

new petAnd Grumpy Old Fart has  found himself some new pets to show off…

For being late


… and this one just rocks.


Catching up with the Chaplins


Super photo of Chaplin relaxing on set via Chained and Perfumed


mortysAnd I Want Ice Water has this really awesome animated short movie, I really loved this story.

Reblog mania

Haven’t had so many post to reblog nowadays, you can tell it’s summer and people actually are more outside than in front of their computers, which is good. Enjoy everyone while you can.

Welcome to BDS&M II Week!

bondageSo this is what you’re going to see: an updated Sex and the Married Woman, BDSM-style; BDSM terminology lessons with snippets from the book (some of you may have read it before on the blog or in the five chapter sneak peek given to a selected few); BDSM photos (classy ones but those are hard to find, I’ll admit).

And finally, one final S&M II sneak peek and the debut of S&M II book cover sometime this week! Whew! That’s a whole lotta spanking right there.

So sit back and enjoy….just don’t wear any blindfolds for this because well, that would be pointless.




taste-the-rainbowAnd then you have this weird video from  I Want Ice Water which I did love to bits…

Click on the picture or the link below to get to it…
The Almost NSFW Saturday


And finally, a big round of welcome back to Cool Berman (was used to be Dusler) for returning to the bloggers sphere. If you enjoy great wallpaper, cool ads and sexy girls, do go and visit his site.


Jim Henson – Wilkin’s Coffee Ads, 1957 – 1961 (via The Invisible Agent)

Read More

via The Invisible Agent

Sexiest Actresses At Comic Con 2011 Part 2 (via Gorno)

She has sure picked some great actresses from the new TV-series around.


emmyrossumcomiccon1Emmy Rossum and Shanola Hampton in “Shameless”. Shamelessly infatuated with Emmy Rossum and Shanola Hampton would be what many fans feel for this hot actresses who amped up the sass and sex factor in the compelling series “Shameless”. Taking on the role of Fiona Gallagher and Veronica Fisher, they both embodied both their playfully wild as well as affectionate sides with accomplished ease. The running of …


The immensely cute Megan Hilty joins forces with “Glee” sweetheart Lea Michele as the voice talents of the upcoming 3D animated film, “Dorothy of Oz”. Both are set to attend Comic Con and Lea will be singing a song from the film along with f Read More

via Gorno

Sherry Britton, Burlesque Performer (1918–2008)

Amazingly sexy girl, see more pictures at Retro Rambling (link below).

11228_sb1_thumbSherry Britton (July 28, 1918 – April 1, 2008) was a burlesque performer of the 1930’s and early 1940’s. The 5’3″ (160 cm) Britton had an 18″ (46cm) waist, and was once said to have a “figure to die for”. She was born Edith Zack, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. When burlesque went by the wayside due to the NYC ban in 1940, Britton turned to plays, eventually appearing in almost 40 of them. Britton also spent much time during WWII entertaining troop … Read More

Offline and things to see

Since being offline for 2 days, have had 400 emails to go through, could have posted more reblogs from everything but this will have to do…

Babe of the day at Dusler, they do make me go all fussy inside…

via Dusler

The lovely Zahia Dehar with some great videos, the bionic one has already been here but you got another treat for you here so off you go (click on the picture to transport away).
via Dusler

The Human Chair, this is what Ikea should be having in their catalogue, I would buy it and gladly do my own screwing without getting all agitated Smile



and is there anyway you can go wrong with Dita Von Teese.

via Grumpy Old Fart

This last video was just so weird and bizarre that I had to post, am still working out whether I like it or not, gorgeous girls yes but what is the video about, no bloody clue!

Disturbing?  Bizarre?  Imaginative?  Strangely erotic?  I say all of the above.  From Marc Blackie.  It starts out with a woman getting fucked… hard.  Ok, that had my attention.  I was ready to give it Two Dicks Up when it suddenly morphed into what can only be described as horror erotica.  My jaw hit the floor.  Is that a crazed doll?   What the hell.  I wanted to stop it, but I couldn’t look away.  I finally realized… it was something else: brilliant.  Interesting art film.

via The Writing Buddha

Day 6/7 from @eroticamistress blog

Well, last day of guestblogging at The intoxication of Vera Roberts is over, had fun and I hope she enjoyed it as well.

Day 7:


Amazing black girls: Beyonce Knowles


Amazing black girls: Janet Jackson


Amazing black girls: Whitney Houston


The Sunday goodie bag of ebony  queens And as for this post, well this is the mix and match Sunday goodie bag of some of the photos I didn’t have time to post.

Day 6:


A little pink pinup delight


Sexy Kennita decorating the tree I know, I know… xmas is over but better be early than to late right but couldn’t help myself when I saw this gorgeous tree decorating nymph.




Caught in the corner

Lauryn-Hill-lauryn-hill-60400_593_768and well, Lauryn Hill was gonna be among the last babes but have to keep her for another time. She is just so delicious…

Day 5 from @eroticamistress blog

OK might have gone a little overboard with posts today at The intoxication of Vera Roberts but hell, why not, it’s friday (well saturday for me) and what a better way to welcome in the weekend than hot sexy girls… as usual, if you wanna see more and there is usually more on the actual blog posts click on the pictures.


Beautiful model Arekah and 4 other hot photos with her


Sexy Chrissy Jo in pink lingerie


6 sexy ebony girls Well, it’s friday, so let’s enjoy it with these 6 gorgeous ebony queens.


Gorgeous black pinup girl


Shower time

Don’t waste water, shower with a friend. Smile with tongue out


Oily sexy buttocks

I dare anyone not to enjoy this view Flirt male and I do so wish that I would have been there to help out with the lubricating…


Feeling naughty?

This is sexy model Monee Wess in a lovely school girl outfit but just to show she is… Read more.


Two sexy lollipop girls A nice little collage of these gorgeous lollipop girls sharing…








and as a great end of the day, some vintage swimsuit beauties….

Day 3 from @eroticamistress blog

Have finished my day guestblogging on The intoxication of Vera Roberts, need some sleep now. // Click on the photos to see more and bigger pictures.. Enjoy… //


Well, it is tennis time here in the UK right now with Wimbledon just 30 minutes walk away from where I’m living. Got tickets for the lovely Williams, always wanted to hear her grunt… Winking smile


Quite safe for work but I still think this
is one of the more sexy pictures I know. That could be because…



Just love this girls to bits, I love curves and she does show them off remarkably well wouldn’t you say?


Now this is what I love, sexy modern girls recreating those hot vintage pinup model poses.

Sexy 40s pinup girl ‘Sahji’ via Vera Roberts

Have started my week guest blogging at The intoxication of Vera Roberts. Hopefully her fans will stay around after this week Open-mouthed smile 

I just fell in love with this girl when I saw this postcard, truly a sexy girl.

Madeline Sahji JacksonOther than the fact that she appeared in the 1947 movie Jivin’ in Bebop with Dizzy Gillespie, not much else is known about the beautiful exotic dancer known as Sahji.  That film, no more than a string of musical performances, presents Sahji in all of her “exotic” otherness…..

Read more

Babe of the Day (via Dusler)

This is such a great photo and very understandable that she became Babe of the Day.


Down Stare (via Gorgeous Company)


via Gorgeous Company

Extremely Funny Porn Movie Parodies #3 (via Bolevin)

There is actually a couple of good pornos among these parodies. A Clockwork orgy is damn good and so is A midsummers nights cream with the lovely Nina Hartley… 


1.   The Sex Files (The X-Files) 2.   Honey I Blew…Everybody (Honey, I Blew Up the Kid) 3.   Big Trouble In Little Vagina (Big Trouble in Little China) 4.   Crocodile Blondee (Crocodile Dundee) 5.   LA Pink (LA Ink) 6.   A Midsummer Night’s Cream (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) 7.   Throbbin Hood (Robbin Hood) 8.   The Sopornos (The Sopranos) 9.   Snatch Adams (Patch Adams) 10.   Top Heavy Chef ( Top Chef ) 11.   Milfbusters (Mythbusters) 12.   Clo … Read More

via Bolevin

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