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Fetish poll finished

Ok, gave up the poll after 360 votes and 100 of them is on breasts, let’s just face it, we LOVE ‘em. The results are almost totally the same percentage wise as last year so I guess the same freaks are still here as before Smile

This year I did add a Others box for you to put in if I missed out on anything and of course I did, got a redhead alternative (wild guess it might be Bob) and quite a few votes for heels and glasses. All of these three are my wild favourites as well so not quite sure how/why I missed to put them into the poll, shame on me… Not sure of what to expect of someone having Vacuum as their fetish, think I might have totally missed out on this one. But everyone to their own so long as you enjoy.

And added a new poll regarding what size of breasts you like the most…


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Fetish poll

Long time since I had a poll and just out of curiosity I bring back an oldie from 2009 I did when trying to find out what fetishes people had and I know there are tons of others out there of course but put in the main ones that just popped up in my head plus will be interesting to compare against the old poll. You can choose 3 answers.

A must have, everyone loves them of course…

Either if you like wearing it or just love having your partner in it.
35142_src 387805-bigthumbnail
Also a must have in this poll.
Like being cuffed, tied up?
sexy_butt_1 Scrumptious-sexy-bondage-girl-black-white-erotica_500
Smoking fetish
Like the sight of a girls smoking and exhaling, inhaling?
Well, don’t think anyone mind a maid, nurse or other costume wearing fantasies.
tumblr_ls58j8Dqds1r2yrj1o1_500 maid
Feet/Hands/High heels
this one includes shoe fetish as well

and you can find the poll at the top of the right hand menu.

Ahem here comes April months poll

I actually had completely forgot about this poll which has been on since April now… Apparently the white ladies won, actually a little bit surprised, thought more people would go for the Latino girls… but hey a worthy winner so here comes a nice lady for ya, the always lovely Pamela Anderson.


bull09 (5)bull09 bull09 (1) bull09 (2) bull09 (4)  bull09 (11)bull09 (6)  bull09 (8) bull09 (9) bull09 (10)

Last chance to vote: Sexy costumes

Ok, last chance to vote for your favourite sexy costumes you would like to see your girlfriend or boyfriend in… Not amazed to see the schoolgirl outfit being in the top but honestly, does no one likes the police officers look, an outstanding ZERO votes. LOL.

Feb/March poll result:Where are u from?

Hmmm, suprising result in a way, more than 64% from  America and 23% from Europe, thought more European people would be  here or maybe they are just lazy sods about polls :) Anyway, not  scientific but kinda cool. So hello to all you americans out there...  oh yeah, haven't forgot about 1 person from outer space as well,  live long and prosper you... *-*-*-*-*- New poll up, whats your favourite sexy outfit?

The monthly poll winners: 1st time impression, what do u look for?

Hypno_Breasts_web-viSo the winner of 1st time impression, not suprisingly is that we do check out the breast more than anything else. 30% breasts with the face coming second with 24% out of 46 votes. Not that many but don’t think it would change that dramatically with more people voting 🙂

So enjoy these ones but please people, do look the girls in the eyes now and then 🙂



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The monthly poll winners: The Redheads lovers

Well, the redheads won the poll, so here comes a few gorgeous
redhead pictures for your pleasure.

3979238633_b9b40a436a_o The blondes were just behind by 2 votes so here is one for the blonde lovers.


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