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Really, 4 years blogging


Your friend Rincewind


4 years on this day Erotixx was born, my absolute 1st posts is deleted though so my actual 1st post I was happy with was posted in October.  Those 1st posts was awful and deseved to be thrown on the dung heap to be burned and bumraped for their badness. 🙂

It’s been ups and downs on my postings, mostly me being bored of blogging so gave up for almost half a year but am so happy that I didn’t deleted the blog in my boredom. When I came back, felt so happy to start  again with the sexy pinups and other pervy stuff…

So now for some boring stats: 2,717,491 people has been here now.
A colossal 11’050 comments, and have posted 3’862 posts. My media library on wordpress has 33’675 images and growing.


1st post: burlesque mmmm
Top post watched and drooled over:
Playboy centerfolds from 1970 to 1979

403 followers,  396 on twitter, 200 on facebook and 82 on my tumblr.

And a big thanks to some of my friends who guest blogged here:

Summertime from Grumpy old fart:
His most visited post was Country maid (no surprise he posted a maid 🙂 )
Vera Roberts from The intoxication of Vera Roberts
Her most visited post was of Katy Perry
IzaakMak from from I want icewater::
His most visited post was the psychedelic Hypnotic beauty

I wont say thanks to everyone who has become my friend on the blogosphere, way too many so would just forget someone so better just finish off with a BIG THANK YOU!

Actually, will say a big thanks to the WordPress staff who has been really helpful in making these 4 years breeze by.

Survived it…


Btw I did survive the marathon, not a record breaking pace exactly but got in at 5hrs 37minutes. Talk about pain but was such a great atmosphere that I didn’t care…

Take notice of my winners drink, was honestly the best beer ever at that moment 🙂

And the reason for my slow pace, see below:




Ok being slightly serious for once.. But doing the London marathon this weekend and some of what I get will go to the Boston fund.

I got already £400 but every little bit helps so doing a contest.

Whoever giving (no limits, you can give as little and as much as u want) and guess the time and can get closest to my final finishing time will win a €25 voucher at amazon.

The link: Run fatboy run


I want to break 4 hours
What I think is at least 5 hours to run.
I did 15km at 1 hour 10 minutes and 30 km at 3 hours something.

So give it your best shot.

But remember I’m a smoker so want to get to my ciggies as fast as possible. 🙂

Grow up… Naeh…

Am slightly away from the blog this week due birthday party coming up, turning 40 on Friday!! Bring on my beer belly, been waiting for that one.. 🙂


Have a great week all..

So sorry


So have been slightly away and I do apologise for the lack of sexy pinups arriving to your inbox lately. Been a busy beaver, have been in Prague for a spa treatment with my gorgeous girlfriend. Sorting out my entire family’s visit to London for my birthday, which will rock, so far 100 people are coming from all over the world. Moving to Prague in June/July so got myself a new job there (and no not as an escort even though I tried) and almost got an apartment sorted so will soon be a guy living with his girlfriend. Scary as hell but way better than having to fly to Prague for some sex and loving.

So will commence again now while my head is not spinning.


2’000’000 / 2 million visits celebration

Have started the new year with over 2 million hits! How bloody amazing isn’t that… Am just so overjoyed with that. THANKS TO ALL MY VISITORS.

A little quick stat:

On the end of December Mr ngenghou1962 was my no 10’000th commentator. Love getting comments so keep ’em coming.

Top countries to visit my little blog:
1. United States (by a huge margin)
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Germany
5. Australia

Favourite post/pages by visits:

image image image image

Am really happy with those choices but most happy that the classic pinup gallery of artwork by the greats are topping the list.


So once again thanks a lot, will be a great new year.

Enjoy the new year


My year in pictures…

I really liked this idea for a blogpost… My 2012 has been interesting to say the least. A lot of ups and downs…


Started running every Saturday

Read the rest of this entry

Merry Christmas all…


And now for a couple of days of only Christmas sexiness…

Steampunk madness


That’s right steampunk fans. One full day of steampunk themed girls and gadgets this Saturday.

Videoblog: “Who is Rincewind @ Erotixx”

Yeah did a little video while on my way to work, sorry about the sound, a lot of cars passing by and me talking out of my ass 🙂

Stocking day


Let’s celebrate the very sexy garment the stocking by a full day of hot gals with legs to die for and of course the stocking.

Credit to Stockings sexy tumblr for most of these pictures. Had a blast wandering around his site.

1.8 million and 190


1,800,190 views all-time! Nice one and am quite pleased (sitting with a big grin on my face). Wasn’t going to write anything, wanted to wait for that elusive 2mil one but anyway.

Thanks everyone for reading and drooling over the lovely pinups on the site. Big fat kisses to you all!!

On my way home…

Just a quick post while i’m waiting for my flight which is lovely delayed by one hour… Snore… Had a great time in Prague w my gf so tomorrow will be a day to go through my blog reading that has been going on since my 4 days away so be prepared for lots of comments and likes my fellow bloggers 🙂


my gf new boyfriend 🙂


and my best bud 🙂

I’m back and loving it…

The moose signinboxWell, I’m back and hope you all had a great weekend as well, 3 days in Sweden for the midsummers party with my family and my German ex and my best friend with me. Brilliant time and if you ever go, go in the summer time. Sexy girls, great good food and superb people.

Stayed at a great hostel in Sweden called Långholmen in Stockholm which is a converted prison but is so cool, you got the bunks and feeling of prison there but in a classy way. Plus there is a nudist beach just 2 minutes from the The roomshotel (see picture below). What more can one ask for.

Anyway, now to start my inbox reading to see what everyone else has been up to… Expect a few reblogs today and tomorrow.


Closing down…

closed for the weekend


not to worry, not that long but from tomorrow until Monday, my posts will be not forthcoming and so will my reading and commentating on other blogs as well.

Will enjoy a full weekend in Sweden to celebrate Midsummers night, one day of the year when the entire country closes down for one day just to celebrate summertime with food, drinks and good company. So from me, ha en jattebra helg och njut av bra sallskap. (btw, as an tidbit, will meet up with my ex who is on my avatar (see above) with those sultry eyes, married and 2 kids now but damn fun to meet anyway…)

Meanwhile in Sweden… from a previous post about Sweden.


165849_3460438871147_483100079_n554749_10150931736607633_1084592150_nSo back from my trip to the coast of the UK, love the coast… I so miss the seaside.

Even went swimming in the bloody cold water but it had to be done, had my girlfriend with me who had never been to the sea before and never had fish and chips either, it’s a must-to-do if you are in England. Just a brilliant trip finishing off in the hotel room, perfect ending to a perfect day.

And now, 2 hours to go until Cypress Hill so some more videos:

“How I Could Just Kill a Man” is the debut single by hip hop group Cypress Hill from their eponymous debut album, Cypress Hill, and was their first major hit in 1991. It was released as a double A-side to “The Phuncky Feel One” and the music video featured cameos by A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip and Ice Cube, with whom B-Real would later feud. It was re-released in 1999 with Spanish lyrics and a new video. It is featured as the first track on their greatest hits compilation “Greatest Hits From the Bong”. The song was also featured on the 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, appearing on the West Coast hip hop station Radio Los Santos. It was voted #79 in’s Top 100 Rap Songs.
Towards the end of the song (approximately the last 30 seconds) someone is heard saying, “All I wanted was a Pepsi”. This quote is taken from the well-known Suicidal Tendencies song, “Institutionalized”.

and for a superb live version with Rage against the Machine and Cypress Hill, this is heaven:

and since this is a hip hop/rap concert I truly expect to see a lot of this, butt, ass, and booty Open-mouthed smile


 Girls_Generation_HD_Wallpapers_laba.wsbutt bum and ass


Oh my poor head

ImageOh my god, does anyone have a good hangover cure, so needed today. Went out with my lovely russian friend and had a brilliant evening  but today I have evil gremlins running around my head. Maybe another drink will help… oooh stupid stupid alcohol…

Tuesday Top Ten: Hangover Remedies for Your Dog : Dog Blog.


Quick update, watching a mashup of Metallica and Fergie does helps actually:


What I did today…

Woke up 6.30am, beautiful weather outside, sun and more sun.

Made coffee, placed my ass on the porch and sipped coffee and smoked a cigarette.

Went inside and read blogs, found the blog post of the beautiful Milfee which made me gasp and in need of clean hankies Embarrassed smile

Photo0211Took my book out (re-reading Robert Jordans Dragon Reborn series) and ventured outside. Had a cup of coffee and a cigarette by the canal where I live. Read some more and enjoyed watching people strolling by. Paid my coffee, doesn’t it feel good when people actually allow you to drink your coffee without having to pay for it first, makes me believe in human kind again.

Walked by the canal and sat down on a parkbench. And just sat there for one hour, doing nothing but just enjoying the peace and quiet. What a perfect day.

Photo0092Am now ready to venture out to London town to the bustle and rush but will be quite good, have to see some hotel, been there before but it has such an amazing view of London and St Paul Cathedral from their roof terrace. Last time I was there I was enjoying a lot of wine/whisky/beer and think I might have had some food even (nuts…).  Smile 

<< Yes thats me enjoying the beer and whisky in one go…



Hope you all had a great weekend and that it continues today.

Happy email and blog reading day…

hotmailtoo_much_mailThe Easter is over  and one is back again, had a great weekend and have finally got back to start reading my favourite blog posts again. Haven’t read anything since thursday so my inbox is slightly packed. Only 888 emails to go through and OMG 1517 pictures on Deviantart to check out, might be in front of this computer for quite some time but I do believe I will enjoy it though.

Been to Proud Cabaret in London and enjoyed some burlesque show, great food and GREAT entertainment. Two of my favourite (from now on) burlesque artist on this night was Missy Fatale (to the left) and Miss Banbury Cross (to the right). If you want a good time, head over to this place.

missy fatalebanbury cross

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