Classic Sci-fi posters

True love from me here, love the old-fashioned posters. If you like these ones maybe you will like the Classic Horror Movie Posters as well.

Classic Horror Movie Posters 1970-1979

And for these below, click on them to see the massive great picture….

beyond_the_time_barrier fantastic_voyageday_it_come_to_earth day_the_earth_froze devil_girl_from_mars escape_from_new_york  first_spaceship_on_venus forbidden_planet galaxina giant_claw invaders_from_mars invasion_of_the_saucer_men journey_to_far_side_of_the_sun king_kong marooned mission_mars not_of_this_earth plan_nine_from_outer_space planet_of_dinosaurs planet_of_vampires robinson_crusoe_on_mars shape_of_things_to_come vicious_lips war_of_satellites x zardoz

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