Old London Underground Posters from 1908-1933

The London Underground has made more creative use of poster art than any other commercial organisation in the world. It all goes back to the early 1900’s. Frank Pick was Head of Publicity for the London Underground in 1908 and commissioned hundreds of posters by both popular artists and relatively unknown ones too. Man Ray, David Hockney, Edward McKnight Kauffer and Paul Nash are amongst the many artists who have produced artwork for the tube.

Therefore much of early and even current London Underground posters show how far you can travel on the tube and show the wonderful places you can travel to, particularly when you are not doing your normal 9 to 5 daily commute.

It’s beautiful posters which are so awesome in their ways and art. I miss the old days… 🙂

The posters below are in yearly order, the first from 1908 to the last one in 1933. Enjoy!

And for all these ones, click to see the bigger picture.

1908-Policeman 1909-Winters Discontent 1910-Exhibition 1911-Way For All 1912-Concerts 1913-Boat Race 1913-Hullo1913-Business  1913-Kew 1913-Populae Service 1913-Way Of Business 1913-When In Doubt 1914-Open Road 1914-The Only Road 1915-Hampstead Heath 1915-Invading 1915-Take Your Family1915-Southend  1915-To Arms 1915-War Bonds1 1915-War Bonds2 1915-War Bonds3 1915-War Bonds4 1916-North Downs1916-Harvest  1916-Reigate 1916-St Albans 1917-A Wish 1918-Kew Gardens 1919-War Work 1920-Dorking 1921-Winter Sales 1922-London Museum 1922-Wisley 1923-Natural History Museum 1924-Warm and Bright 1925-Pantomime1925-New Works 1925-Now is The Season  1925-Summer Sales 1925-Umbrella 1926-Kew Gardens 1926-Ride General 1926-Summer Outings 1926-Summer Sales 1927-Cup Final 1927-Dance 1927-Lure 1927-Tasting The Riches 1928-Genral Joy 1928-London Museum 1928-Meals Taste Better 1928-New Dress 1928-Tate Gallery 1929-No Wet No Cold 1932-New Works 1933-Wimbledon

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  1. I love the old underground and station posters, a real blast from a bygone era. This may sound like a Grumpy Old Fart but modern posters lack style and the boldness of the old ones, and even worse the use of electronic advertising appears to be more prevalent in the underground.

    • ahh yes it does sound like a Grumpy Old Fart but I’m one of them as well on this, love the great vintage posters, there is something about them that thrills me in a way that the new ads doesn’t do. Quite fun actually that u replied on this today, have been out in central London and found myself a market so have just purchased 10 of these posters, only problem is where to hang the buggers… have to get myself a new flat I think 🙂

  2. We came up to London last week to see “Mrs Warren’s Profession” and “Pricilla, Queen of the Desert” but sadly didn’t manage to find any markets to indulge my passion for the Edwardian theatre / actresses. I know what you mean about running out of space, my wife keeps suggesting that I sell rather than buy, but where would the fun be in that LOL

    Take care and enjoy the sun whilst it lasts.

  3. I think i like the poster Underground for Business or Pleasure the most.

    • ohh that one is just amazing, I just love them all to bits and if I could I would buy them all to put on my wall… but would need a bigger wall first 😀

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