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Foxy Femme: Angie Papanikolas

Lovely foxy lady indeed..


Via Actress and life obsession

Guestblog: Actress and life obsessions

A beautiful blog about sexy actresses cant be all that bad can it and you are right, ITS AWESOME! She has collected some amazing actresses on her blog, might not be the most well known girls but they are coming up.

In her own words:
Hi Everybody….I’m Haren Yong. Web Editor and Actress Blogger
My passions include gorno/indie movies, soccer and trying to find the best horror/indie actresses out there, so if you share my passion, come over to my blog and we can discuss why horror continues to  fascinates and is still a big part of our culture!!

This blog has now grown into a portal for actresses from the US, CANADA, EUROPE and AUSTRALIA endorsed by actresses and a platform to admire and connect with the most talented female performers around the world.

I present: Actress and life obsessions


Hot actress #61 Amy Motta


Actress/hostess AMY MOTTA is just so delectable! With her always immaculately groomed hair and luscious bluish eyes, i would like her to be christened ‘SUPERMODEL’. As the popular Roxette number goes “She’s Got The Look”. If you still aren’t swayed by words, then check out her lovely PHOTOSHOOT! She’s so glamourous i had to put more pics of her….hehe….including the autographed pic that she so kindly sent (that’s an instant classic)! I know i’ve said it before but to reiterate my point; Actresses can be the kindest people on the planetand they do a phenomenal job at keeping us fans entertained for hours on end.

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Hot Actress #390 – Mihaela Mihut:Sexy Siren

mihaela1In just two instances, upcoming actress MIHAELA MIHUT has already shown how enticing she can be. We first saw this Romanian goddess making out in a taxi in the scintillating video JUICE BOX by the ever popular and revered band ‘THE STROKES’. Definitely one of the most memorable moments in a rock video as MIHAELA is a tempting VIDEO VIXEN indeed. Then she appeared in ‘PERKINS 14′ where she played a wife who was having an extra-marital affair in the midst of all that wanton killing; suffice to say she had a steamy scene involving blindfolds and HOT ‘N’ HEAVY kissing (check out some behind the scenes above). It’s always nice to see that MIHAELA brings an aura of believability by portraying the different facets of her ultimately flawed character and that being somebody’s wife doesn’t necessarily mean you’re white as the driven snow.

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Rising Starlet: Shevaun Kastl

shevaunkastl1Captivating with a Capital “C”, SHEVAUN KASTL has certifiably pleasing yet insanely gorgeous features, reflective of her enchanting nature. Her appeal is one of growth, reeling us in with absolute sweetness and one that extends beyond the screen. Recognizable for being on hit shows such as “Criminal Minds” and “Revenge” where she first came to my attention, SHEVAUN is natural in her delivery of the nuances no matter how small in the characters she has played.

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Hot Actress #470 – Nicole Kruex: Scream Queen


I may be SHY but after much DISCURSION, I’ve come to the realization that If I were living right NEXT DOOR to her, I’ll be in LUST with the distinctively beguiling NICOLE KRUEX. Ifyou didn’t catch on yet, I’ve just mentioned some of her films (All Caps) she’s appeared in or will headline pretty soon. Have you visited the NICOLE KRUEX OFFICIAL SITE yet?? I’mblown away by how gorgeous she looks in cosplay, albeit a more morbid version and I seriously hope her Anime-Horror mashup “Harajaku Homicide” makes it to screens everywhere. Withtitles such ‘Scream Queen Of The Month’ and ‘Fright Girl Of The Month’, NICOLE rightly belongs in the horror genre as a visual feast we can’t stop craving.

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LA Shorts Fest 2013 Spotlight: Blonde Bombshell Jessica Mathews


Being beautiful and brainy is a heady combo which are traits the multi-talented JESSICA MATHEWS possesses in opulence. For that very fact, I’ve actually included the bikini photo of her (above) for good measure…:) Affirmation of the allure of an actress is always a good thing and JESSICA does indeed have the semblance of a temptress. She does indeed play one in the short film “The Big Meet” that tells of a screenwriter who stumbles upon the killer pitch. As Morgan, she’s of two women who seduce the screenwriter into committing a grisly murder which serves as the inspiration for his story. JESSICA is also Producer extraordinaire in this gem of a crime thriller that has enough elements of the dark comedy we so often get hooked on. She’s been called a Creative Visionary and people who have worked with her are constantly showering her with compliments. I’ve been longing to give praise to her for the longest time and on Sep 12, the day The LA Shorts Fest comes to a close is an opportune moment to feature such a remarkable personality.

Sexiest Actresses At Comic Con 2011 Part 2 (via Gorno)

She has sure picked some great actresses from the new TV-series around.


emmyrossumcomiccon1Emmy Rossum and Shanola Hampton in “Shameless”. Shamelessly infatuated with Emmy Rossum and Shanola Hampton would be what many fans feel for this hot actresses who amped up the sass and sex factor in the compelling series “Shameless”. Taking on the role of Fiona Gallagher and Veronica Fisher, they both embodied both their playfully wild as well as affectionate sides with accomplished ease. The running of …


The immensely cute Megan Hilty joins forces with “Glee” sweetheart Lea Michele as the voice talents of the upcoming 3D animated film, “Dorothy of Oz”. Both are set to attend Comic Con and Lea will be singing a song from the film along with f Read More

via Gorno

Sexy photo shoot from the Community actresses


They spend a lot of time together, these two, making their scrappy, genre-warping sitcom, “Community,” posing for instantly viral almost-make-out TwitPics, and hanging off-set with their lace-tight castmates. What we’re saying—as if the photo isn’t evidence enough—is there’s sugar between these two, they’re a team. “With a shoot like this,” Alison Brie (left) says, “you’re negotiating these positions together: ‘Can you move your crotch a little to the left? Really get it up there.’ ”

“The next day we were texting each other,” Gillian Jacobs adds. ” ‘Are you sore, too?’ ”

I know, I know, the video is reversed but it works at least…


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The almighty Helmut Newton

This is such an amazing photographer who is so famous for his black and white photos.

helmut-newtonNewton’s growing reputation as a fashion photographer was rewarded when he secured a commission to illustrate fashions in a special Australian supplement for Vogue magazine, published in January 1956. He won a 12-month contract with British Vogue and left for London in February 1957. Newton left the magazine before the end of his contract and went to Paris, where he worked for French and German magazines. He returned to Melbourne in March 1959 to a contract for Australian Vogue.

helmutNewton settled in Paris in 1961 where his works appeared in magazines including French Vogue andHarper’s Bazaar. He established a particular style marked by erotic, stylized scenes, often with sado-masochistic and fetishist subtexts. His notoriety continued to increase, most notably with his 1980 “Big Nudes” series, which marked the pinnacle of his erotic-urban style, underpinned with excellent technical skills. Newton also worked in portraiture and more fantastical studies.

In October 2003 he donated an extensive photo collection to the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, establishing the Helmut Newton Foundation. The foundation’s mission is the conservation, protection and presentation of the oeuvre of Helmut Newton and Alice Springs.

In his later life, Newton lived in Monte Carlo and Los Angeles. He was killed when his car hit a wall in the driveway of the famous Chateau Marmont. His ashes are buried next to Marlene Dietrich at the Städtischer Friedhof III in Berlin.


My job as a portrait photographer is to seduce, amuse and entertain.
– Helmut Newton


The sexy Catherine Deneuve (below left)

060120_deneuve_newton bjork

…and one of my favouite artists, Bjork (above right)


…and Hugh Hefner and
Carrie Leigh in a great shot (below right)


And the master of weird, David Lynch and
the oh so hot Isabella Rossellini (above left)


well, anyone should know how the girl below is 🙂

newton_madonnanewton_madonna1 newton_madonna2newton_madonna4

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