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Cellophane – Vintage ad 

Yes let’s kill them off with cellophane .  argh


Let’s be sexist – Vintage ads

Actually this I would probably do, Don’t mess with my coffee 😆

Bizarre Vintage ads

Pussy  stretcher



Smoking Santa

Is nothing sacred 🙂


Ted Withers – pinup artist

Have added a new page for the amazing Ted Withers, pinup artist extraordinaire.

Click here to see the gallery.

TedWithers_02In November 1950, at his first Brown & Bigelow cocktail party, Withers was talking with Norman Rockwell when Rolf Armstrong and Gil Elvgren arrived. These two pin-up greats were introduced to Withers, who was bowled over when Armstrong praised him as “one of America’s greatest, most versatile painters” and Elvgren, who had a keen interest in photography, added “one of the best photographers in the country”.

Do remember if you want to see the full menu of all the pinup artists I got, click here or click on the menu bar above.

Gotta love thosa PETA ads…


I’m not a vegetarian but I do love their ads…

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