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Sexy air stewardess

air stewardess

Having just sorted out my ticket for Xmas to Sweden this is  hopefully my stewardess for that flight.

*I’m almost sure I had this photo before but you know, I don’t care, Muahahahah… 🙂 *

3 sexy Lynx Jet ads to release my tension

Well, Mr dear Cool Berman did remind me about these videos I’ve seen before from Lynx which are quite brilliant, sexy and damn good… I wouldn’t mind flying these ones at all.



Girls in Uniforms: Air Stewardess

A group of air hostess


Update:The 9 girls above is a all-girls music group from South Korea called SNSD
(So Nyuh Shi Dae). More popularly known as “Girl’s Generation”.
Thanks to Andrew at
Accidental Aikidoist


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Todays pinup Air Stewardess

air hostess by paradox photography

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