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Oh my poor head

ImageOh my god, does anyone have a good hangover cure, so needed today. Went out with my lovely russian friend and had a brilliant evening  but today I have evil gremlins running around my head. Maybe another drink will help… oooh stupid stupid alcohol…

Tuesday Top Ten: Hangover Remedies for Your Dog : Dog Blog.


Quick update, watching a mashup of Metallica and Fergie does helps actually:

Girls of Summer: Jean Jani, Miss July 1957 (via The Thought Experiment)

this girl is just so amazingly stunning, just a huge thanks to Playboy in the 50’s…

Girls of Summer: Jean Jani, Miss July 1957 Photographed by one-of-a-kind supafly sweetie pie Mr. Peter Gowland! The lovely and talented Miss July 1957 was Jean Jani, from Dayton, Ohio. Although Playboy implies in her write-up (emphasis on the lies half of that word) that Ms. Jani was a stewardess, she was actually a reservations clerk for United Airlines. Will explain shortly. We were winging our way to a busy week of conferences with authors and agents, and our mind was filled with thoug … Read More

via The Thought Experiment

WTF – Old picture – Scary tee-total ladies club


Wow, I would need a lot of drinking before going out with anyone from this club.



Probably the worst bartender regarding table manner
in the world but guess he doesn’t mind 🙂

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