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Down the rabbit hole


Alice in Wonderland


We love this wonderland.

A Very Merry Unbirthday to You

And if it’s your birthday, a very merry birthday to you…


by *hoschie


latex rabbit


The maid in wonderland

alice the maid

Fairytales fantasies


by Bakanekonei

Alice in Wonderland

*drool* can’t comment more than that really Smile with tongue out

alice 2alice

Sexy Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderlandAlways good to get a new perspective of Alice in Wonderland…

Sexy Alice in Wonderland costumes

alice in wonderlandalice in wonderland1

Alice in Wonderland – An x-rated musical comedy


A lovely librarian, played by Playboy model Kristine DeBell, falls asleep and dreams herself into a strange world filled with extremely uninhibited people… These people love to sing and dance and fool around… Alice has a series of sensual adventures among these characters…

The film was originally shot as a poem to eroticism with few explicit sex scenes, which were eventually cut from its theatrical release…

Videocassette versions, however, have had some of the original erotic encounters joined at the end with them…

For an extremely low-budget picture, the producers of this film did an extremely good job… The cinematography is full of life and energy, the dances and numbers quite professional, and the acting lovable… Without a doubt, it is one of the best adult fairy tales around…

Check out the full video here. 78 min runtime

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