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Alternative beauty

Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, java or whatever you might drink. It’s always good to get some alternative beauties to look at. Love visiting Camden town here in London to goggle at the sexy punkers/heavy metal girls and of course the Goths.

There is a reason why 2 of my former girlfriends were metal freaks and one Hello Kitty maniac. Yeah not exactly sure what the Hello Kitty girl and I had in common or why we started dating 🙂 oh yeah, she was weird but I do get so attracted by the not so conventional people…

tumblr_ljiktzdoCe1qzegvmo1_500tumblr_lfglgb8meN1qzegvmo1_400tumblr_li46p7GB1g1qzegvmo1_400tumblr_lel81oU93H1qzegvmo1_500 tumblr_lhs0e2aD5E1qzegvmo1_500  tumblr_lj62gsT7p81qg6ujso1_500 

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Alternative comic by Jeff Thomas

1147288961_moCartoon7 Love his art.


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