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Around the world: USA


Join me on a trip Around the world and explore the great assets of different countries.

This is a tough one to do in one post so might have to have an all American theme week soon. The bloody country is just so huge and have way too many sexy girls.

1. The girls
The old 1st team that made me drool and dream about the American dream when I was young. Still drool a little bit thinking about them now. 🙂
Elisabeth Shue


The 80s/90s girl next door.

Pamela Anderson


A true wet dream girl from my mispent youth sitting and watching Baywatch. A quality show. 😀

Winona Ryder


She was my dream of all dream girls. This was before all her shoplifting qualities came to light but her starring in Beetlejuice was another great reason to watch that movie over and over again.

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Superbowl time soon…

Well, Superbowl is on, just one more day for kickoff. Will be enjoying it 12am in a sportsbar in London with some friends, so so good. Just a shame I forgot to take the day off so after the game (finish around 4/5 in the morning UK time) it’s work directly… aaaaahhh..


and I so wish the fans for English football teams would look like this:


and gotta admire this shot of Lady Gaga in her football pose:


Tennessee Titans mascot eats cheerleader

Philly football


I know, it’s not soccer but I do love American football… Go Bears! and before you say anything, yes yes yes, I know this is Philadelphia….


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