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Sexy Smokers XII

Well, it was some time ago since my last Sexy Smokers posts so here comes more. Hope you like them, even if it might not be your thing most of them are just stunningly gorgeous.


The one above is just so cool, man I wish I would have thought of doing that graphic.
 Soft_______by_idesignme the_trick_is_to_keep_breathing_by_retrodiva88 Vargas_Femme_Fatale_by_ladymorgana Whisper_by_HMSlatex_Designs e05d96c428fb0e88e413857daa7df3cc

Sexy Smokers XI

Bad_Student_2_by_MustakrekishI know I had this one before but it’s just such a great photo…  6fccee4177464faf18a2e9eee624aa16bdb6488eacc7eb42 And_you__ll_die_by_HumanszBella_Capone_by_fantasio

I dare anyone not to like this one… well both the one on the right and the one below as well. A_Great_Piece_Of_Rework_by_Mustakrekish[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]1940s_by_Jenn_Ryan













Filthy and beautiful… sweet…


Horsegirl in a river of blood


Stunning picture and re-touching, love the colour.

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10 Amazing Extinct Animals


10 Amazing Extinct Animals | Scienceray.


Really interesting reading about some of the extinct animals, some was new to me which is always great. Now I can show off next time at the pub with my mates….

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