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Yummy Asian girls

Looks like Summertime is going crazy these days with some exceptionally gorgeous Asian girls so let’s get on the band wagon 🙂

Sharon Xu, piano lesson, the bars open, Rina Akiyama, tag me maid

And more…

Good afternoon, really??


Now this Kermit I wouldn't mind.

And good afternoon to you all. My coffee has done it’s business and I’m kinda jolly.

On a slight ranting mood today, is there a reason for a nice looking bloke in a suit to have a funny tie on for a meeting. Is it just to show that underneath this gruff suit is a funny as hell man? He even wears Kermit


I mean, really?!

the frog socks! Nothing against Kermit but maybe I’m old fashioned but if you are going to wear a suit, do it properly. It looks good on us guys and ignore funny socks and ties please.

Considering this was for a meeting about downsizing a department, he wants to cut down a lot and I’m trying to keep it to a minimum so think its slightly inappropriate to wear a happy go-lucky wear. Or maybe he thinks I will join the dark side of the frog due to his socks. 🙂

Ok enough now, good looking monster girlies on it’s way now.


The boss drooling over its workers.

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