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Good morning


Good morning

Just what I want to see in my bathroom.

Good morning

Yummy morning…


Shake it..


Asses high

Oh lordy lord..

Bumalicious view

A good view

I think you all agree that we enjoy this view 😆

Bondage time


I’m in heaven..

Grab on

Hey, don’t go now..


If I saw this in my local swimming pool, please call the life guard.. 😆

Good morning

Bouncy butts

Love these buttocks..


Ohh shake em..



Bumalicious #ebony

Bumalicious #damn you accidentalmasturbator 😆

Oki was not going to post anything more today, have exceeded my limit (5 post per day) but then.. that darn rascal  had to send me this.. 

I mean I love u people but am going to have a lot of quiet time in the shower 😆 also being extremely clean… 

Todays reblogs 

Having worked all Easter my reading of all the other pervs post has been limited. But my one day off today, finally I have been free to read my poor inbox email’s… and If you are not following these guys/girls, enjoy. 

Via boyofbow, do check the link. Way more photos to enjoy.

And feeling a little bit green of envy here..


And not every blog I’m reading is erotica relayed,  I love Written in Bloods Monday alternative posters..

And we all wish for summer.. 


 And big thanks to for a lot of bumalicious love.. 

And lastly the lovely Elke Sommer.


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