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If the moon was replaced with other planets

Way cool! Am a sucker for astronomy…

And the following is the explanation about the video:

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Walk on moon


How awesome wouldn’t it be to read this headline.

Planetary love

Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore dies at 89

An amazing and eccentric man passed away. He made me enjoy astronomy so much with his show Sky at night which ran for a full 50 years!

Does a galaxy filled with habitable planets mean humanity is doomed?

Watching the skies

Gotta love watching the skies… Got payday today and am finally gonna buy me a telescope that I have been glancing at for 1 year now. The 1st telescope I got was at 17 which was a disaster of a telescope for 800 swedish kronor (about £70), could see a fuzzy moon that was about it but I loved it to bits…


Reblog: Time-lapse / Sexy girl / Bad ass Santa

Haven’t done much good at work today either so had time to cruise around but only 3 reblogs today… 🙂

just bloody bloody amazing video of the night sky done in time lapse… click on the link and be amazed…

Wiser for the Time – Frame 24 Time-lapse photography has always been an interest of mine. Time-lapse photography consists of taking numerous still images to create a video clip. Now, you might ask, "Why not just use a video camera?" Well, video camera’s cannot create 30 second, single frame exposures. In the time-lapse video above, it took 1,100 images with each of them having 35 seconds of exposure (the shutter was open … Read More

via Goldpaint Photography

Bloody great picture of this sexy gal via Sheer Heaven;  Erotic symmetry


and then as the encore an bad ass Santa via The Thought Experiment:


Asteroid Discovery From 1980 – 2010

This is just soooooo cool… I noticed that I can’t get the video to show the year and number of the asteroids so click on the ‘Watch youtube’ to get the full picture if you are interested.

Video Created by Scott Manley, this is a view of the solar system showing the locations of all the asteroids starting in 1980, as asteroids are discovered they are added to the map and highlighted white so you can pick out the new ones.

The final colour of an asteroids indicates how closely it comes to the inner solar system.

Earth Crossers are Red

Earth Approachers (Perihelion less than 1.3AU) are Yellow

All Others are Green

via YouTube – Asteroid Discovery From 1980 – 2010.

Jupiter became king of the planets by devouring a "Super Earth"

340x Ok, I know this is geeky but I do love astronomy and the new science but do read this article, quite fascinating. You think that planets are nice round things and then you find out that they are eating as well, damn.

Jupiter became the solar system’s biggest planet by consuming its chief rival, a massive rocky planet ten times bigger than Earth. New discoveries suggest Jupiter and Saturn learned a lesson from their mythological namesakes, "eating" any planet that opposed them. Read more at Io9…

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