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Awesome shot.



Way awesome photo…

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Animated love

Had to be reblogged, animated madness from I want Ice water. So much lovely goodness in 2 posts…

Animated reflections 1:

Wow! 17 days since my last post. I really wish that I could offer up a sensible “excuse” for my absence but suffice it to say that, with all the crazy crap roiling around in my head, I haven’t been anything like a happy camper. And the worst part is my inability to convert what’s in my head into written form. To be honest, I’m not sure anymore if it’s even worth the effort to try. But I do have a whole shitload of “reflective images” I’d like to share. So many, in fact, that I’ve decided to post them in 2 parts…


Animated reflections 2:

As I said in Animated Reflections 1, I have a whole shitload of “reflective images” I’d like to share that I’ve decided to post in 2 parts. This is the 2nd batch…


Why I’m Thankful I Got a D

some thoughtfulness, I just love this story and made me think on who I would write to…

chica and bubba

Do you ever have those moments where you feel like you are supposed to write a letter to someone?  Maybe it’s a get well card for someone battling a nasty illness, a hello message for a friend I haven’t seen in ages, or a thank you card for a helpful neighbor.  I get those feelings quite often, but 99% of the time I just ignore them.  Maybe I can’t find the right kind of stationery, or if I could, I know I couldn’t find an address and a stamp.  I make really good excuses, and those really good notes go unwritten.

About a week ago I again had that feeling after reading the editor’s note in Real Simple magazine.  It was about thanking someone for a conversation that changed your life.  I immediately had a person in mind, but I began rationalizing that I would never find a way to…

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FPS syndrome (via BlackSheepCodex)

ok, this is just an excellent video to get your giggle on… so long as you have played some of the games they are talking about, if not, just skip this one… 😀

FPS syndrome I've been blessed with throwbacks lately! A friend of mine (no not "the ones I pay"!) came to visit and brought u[p this vid we caught a while back about a dude living with a disorder that makes him live life like he is in an FPS. I giggled…which is about all it takes for me to put something on here so here you go, enjoy! ps: My favorite part is the street fighter guy [I have no idea where we … Read More

via BlackSheepCodex

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