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Star Wars characters in Victorian style

There’s not enough words to say how much these artworks kicks ass.


via Nick Agin

German Playmates of the year 2009 photo

such an awesome… have to say it again, aweeeesome photo…

playboy playmates 2009

German Playboy Playmates of the Year, 2009

Via Modelstar

A little of Ebony and Katy Perry reblogs

Almost fell off my chair when I saw this picture…

ebony Ebony 

via Pichour










and then this page loaded on my browser and down I went 🙂

katy-perry-complex-magazine-june-july-5 I totally forgot about Ms. Perry’s old photoshoot from Complex Magazine back in 2009. There are some real quotes from Katy in some of the pictures. Hubba, hubba, hubba…

40 Days of Freakness, Day 4: Oh Ms. Perry…

via The intoxication of Vera Roberts

I would sexually violate that panda via Black Sheep Codex

From the dark dungeons of The Blacks Sheep’s zoo… 🙂 Superb lip job.

panda-lips Yeah thats right this is a make up post, cuz i think that it is totally fuckin cute and I would make sweet embrace all over them puppies(officially too many animal love references now). This is a sweet lipsticky job and is both adorable and eye catching. And if you’re anywhere near my state of mind right now, you should totally be arrested for doing that to an animal.

via BlackSheepCodex

How to turn your collie into a cyborg killing machine

Cyber doggie

Uncredited scan but oh so great…

You don’t want to know   this isn’t happiness.™.

Steampunk girl


via ZephyrChef

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