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Todays witch


Niki Luparelli @Vintage girl Studios

Todays pinup


by *MissLaurelle

Red flash << via Social Overdose


from Social Overdose

Star Wars babe Aayla Secura

The character was a last-minute addition to the Episode II script; she had been created for a licensed Star Wars comic book by Dark Horse Comics and was added to the film after Lucas saw a cover illustration of the character and thank god for that, she rocks…


The Bicycle (via Cool Berman)

Thanks to Cool Berman for reminding me how nice cycling can be…

via Cool Berman

Carla Gugino


This great photos is via Bolevin so do click and check out this super blog.

Redhead pose

lovely redhead

Lingerie babe

lingerie babe

This is probably every shrinks dream to appear on their couch…

Sci-fi Week: Morena Baccarin (V, Firefly, SG: Atlantis)

morenabaccarinvtvseriespromomq032Morena Baccarin shot to fame as the space companion Inara on Firefly, and she had a popular reoccuring role on Stargate: Atlantis as the god-like Adria. She was rumored to play Wonder Woman a couple of years ago, before WB shelved the project.

And now we get to see her eat rodents as a sexy lizard in disguise! What could be better than that?


And also click on the pictures for bigger size.

Stunner Eva Wyrwal

Eva Wyrwal is a glamour model born on February 20, 1989 in Kalisz, Poland. She has achieved popularity as an Internet model but became famous in 2008 when she was elected that year as "the sexiest new babe in Britain" by the April edition for the magazine Nuts. Eva Wyrwal has posed for men’s magazines including Front, CKM and Playboy.

She is a stunner that much is true…

Check out this blog dedicated to her

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