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Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

Definitely a home run. 

30 Awful Baseball Cards (via Coltmonday)

I did have quite a laugh looking through these cards from the 70’s-80’s baseball cards, just check out the phone. Pure love, I remembered when my dad had one and it was sooooo cool. And one cannot forget Oscar Gambles card either, that afro is just so brilliant.


farva Just look at that fat ugly hump. Now, I don’t know Craig Kusick, and obviously – he must have been talented to enough to play in the major leagues, but c’mon. Nobody in a locker rooom full of 24 other guys told him that that moustache is Grade-A creepshow facial hair? I mean, really. While no one would ever accuse him of using steroids – SOME ONE should’ve suggested he use a mirror before he was immortalized in cardboard form wrapped in cellophan … Read More

afro creepy nice-phone relaxin

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