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Sean Youngs behind-the-scenes Polaroids from the Blade Runner set

Blade Runner is one of my favourite movies and anything that pops up on the web about it, I have to read. So this one from Blastr got my attention straight away since I so fancied Sean Young, well still do…

Oh, sure, now that everybody has a cellphone that can snap photos, behind-the-scenes movie pics have become so plentiful they’ve almost beome a bit boring. But that wasn’t the case back when Blade Runner was being made, which is what makes Sean Young’s set pics so awesome.

Young, who had the starring role opposite Harrison Ford (and who can be seen with him as well as Rutger Hauer below), brought along her Polaroid to the set and captured some of the magic.

Check out a few of our favorites below, and go see more amazing pics over at Sean Young’s personal site.

via Blastr

SeanYoung0527111 SeanYoung0527112

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