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Day 6/7 from @eroticamistress blog

Well, last day of guestblogging at The intoxication of Vera Roberts is over, had fun and I hope she enjoyed it as well.

Day 7:


Amazing black girls: Beyonce Knowles


Amazing black girls: Janet Jackson


Amazing black girls: Whitney Houston


The Sunday goodie bag of ebony  queens And as for this post, well this is the mix and match Sunday goodie bag of some of the photos I didn’t have time to post.

Day 6:


A little pink pinup delight


Sexy Kennita decorating the tree I know, I know… xmas is over but better be early than to late right but couldn’t help myself when I saw this gorgeous tree decorating nymph.




Caught in the corner

Lauryn-Hill-lauryn-hill-60400_593_768and well, Lauryn Hill was gonna be among the last babes but have to keep her for another time. She is just so delicious…

Sexy 40s pinup girl ‘Sahji’ via Vera Roberts

Have started my week guest blogging at The intoxication of Vera Roberts. Hopefully her fans will stay around after this week Open-mouthed smile 

I just fell in love with this girl when I saw this postcard, truly a sexy girl.

Madeline Sahji JacksonOther than the fact that she appeared in the 1947 movie Jivin’ in Bebop with Dizzy Gillespie, not much else is known about the beautiful exotic dancer known as Sahji.  That film, no more than a string of musical performances, presents Sahji in all of her “exotic” otherness…..

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