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Day 5 from @eroticamistress blog

OK might have gone a little overboard with posts today at The intoxication of Vera Roberts but hell, why not, it’s friday (well saturday for me) and what a better way to welcome in the weekend than hot sexy girls… as usual, if you wanna see more and there is usually more on the actual blog posts click on the pictures.


Beautiful model Arekah and 4 other hot photos with her


Sexy Chrissy Jo in pink lingerie


6 sexy ebony girls Well, it’s friday, so let’s enjoy it with these 6 gorgeous ebony queens.


Gorgeous black pinup girl


Shower time

Don’t waste water, shower with a friend. Smile with tongue out


Oily sexy buttocks

I dare anyone not to enjoy this view Flirt male and I do so wish that I would have been there to help out with the lubricating…


Feeling naughty?

This is sexy model Monee Wess in a lovely school girl outfit but just to show she is… Read more.


Two sexy lollipop girls A nice little collage of these gorgeous lollipop girls sharing…








and as a great end of the day, some vintage swimsuit beauties….

Day 2 from @eroticamistress blog

Have been slightly busy on The intoxication of Vera Roberts. Click on the photos to see more and bigger pictures.. Drool away people…

our little haremI did always wanted a harem but am still waiting… So until the day
it happens, have to stare at these girls and keep on dreaming…


Melyssa Savannah Ford (born November 7, 1976) is a Canadian model and actress. She is often referred to as  Jessica Rabbit, whose voluptuous figure Ford’s is said to resemble.

afrobeautyIt’s not often you do see a proper afro nowadays… This girls face
reminds me of the James Bond girl Gloria Hendry from Live and Let Die.
a-splash-of-colourI don’t think there is enough words for me to say how much I
adore this photo… Just pure smoking colourful hotness…
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