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Guestblog: A pondering mind

A little hard to explain this blog, a mixture of quotes, politics (especially if you read his posts from 2011), great photos and just an enjoyable humourus blog which I visit daily.

In his own words:

I’m just a 64 year old retired guy, who likes to blog, and write about things that are of interest to me. I’ve been doing this for the last four years. When I first started to blog, I was using Google Blog, then decided to switch to Word Press, which was about six months later.

I present: A pondering mind


And here is some random post taken from his blog.

Black & White Photo From The Past


and some funnies from his posts:

A young man was intent on going to Medical School,
but was confused by the entrance exam.

The deciding question was,
“Re-arrange the letters P N E S I to spell an important
part of the human body that is more useful when erect.”

Those who spelled SPINE became doctors. The rest are in Congress.

Jean Simmons and Paul Newman


Your Not A Real Hipster…


Ballet Dancer


so bugger off from here now and go say hello to Don Veselý obličej

Post whatever you want on Erotixx…


Am doing a full week of my favourite blogs soon, one post each. Every day a different theme. Erotic blogs,  movie blogs, tumblr blogs, mixed ones and for one day alone you can get here.

I offer you full access to post whatever you want. Risque, naughty, nude or a post about Jehovas Witness, you choose.

Send me your email on and why you are entitled to be the one (no not as The Matrix, no pills here).

Looking forward if any replies.
/Rincewind thy humble servant

Really, 4 years blogging


Your friend Rincewind


4 years on this day Erotixx was born, my absolute 1st posts is deleted though so my actual 1st post I was happy with was posted in October.  Those 1st posts was awful and deseved to be thrown on the dung heap to be burned and bumraped for their badness. 🙂

It’s been ups and downs on my postings, mostly me being bored of blogging so gave up for almost half a year but am so happy that I didn’t deleted the blog in my boredom. When I came back, felt so happy to start  again with the sexy pinups and other pervy stuff…

So now for some boring stats: 2,717,491 people has been here now.
A colossal 11’050 comments, and have posted 3’862 posts. My media library on wordpress has 33’675 images and growing.


1st post: burlesque mmmm
Top post watched and drooled over:
Playboy centerfolds from 1970 to 1979

403 followers,  396 on twitter, 200 on facebook and 82 on my tumblr.

And a big thanks to some of my friends who guest blogged here:

Summertime from Grumpy old fart:
His most visited post was Country maid (no surprise he posted a maid 🙂 )
Vera Roberts from The intoxication of Vera Roberts
Her most visited post was of Katy Perry
IzaakMak from from I want icewater::
His most visited post was the psychedelic Hypnotic beauty

I wont say thanks to everyone who has become my friend on the blogosphere, way too many so would just forget someone so better just finish off with a BIG THANK YOU!

Actually, will say a big thanks to the WordPress staff who has been really helpful in making these 4 years breeze by.

2’000’000 / 2 million visits celebration

Have started the new year with over 2 million hits! How bloody amazing isn’t that… Am just so overjoyed with that. THANKS TO ALL MY VISITORS.

A little quick stat:

On the end of December Mr ngenghou1962 was my no 10’000th commentator. Love getting comments so keep ’em coming.

Top countries to visit my little blog:
1. United States (by a huge margin)
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Germany
5. Australia

Favourite post/pages by visits:

image image image image

Am really happy with those choices but most happy that the classic pinup gallery of artwork by the greats are topping the list.


So once again thanks a lot, will be a great new year.

Guestblog: Social Overdose

I need and long for beautiful pictures, without it my day is not complete. Whether it’s girls, maids, sexy smokers or just drop dead gorgeous artwork and nature pictures. If it’s good photo shoot, I will love it and Tookyjay has not let me down once (well actually, my random blog search found one post which really should be better off forgotten,  (you can guess from the ones below which one I mean). Disappointed smile

I present Social Overdose!

In their own words:

My name is Jason and I am an everyday guy; I work full-time, commute an hour to work, have an amazing life and two great kids as well as a dog a cat and a puppy. In the mix of all this I love things…I am hooked on anything social, I love the FB, The tweets, The Pinterest and The WordPress! I have a fascination with things off beat, Things Dark, Things different, Things cutting edge and all things that make my heart race, evoke feeling and emotions. I love things new fast and hot! That is what this blog is about the things I find in my adventures between my already full and amazing life. I hope you will check back often and with no expectations because you never know what you may find… Welcome to Social Overdose!


So here comes my lucky number 5 randomized posts from his blog (except for the 1st one which is always going to be the 1st blog post they’ve made).

1st post:

Darn, his first post was actually the above one in his own words so did a random search.

hot-dogHot Dog Queen




This is just a spectacular pic of the moon!!


>> See more

Morning Wake-up: Pink-licious


Ummmmm Dude…

Sometimes doing the random blogpost just backfires, from all the amazing and gorgeous things this one pops up. Dang.. Disappointed smile


Geeking Out: Poison Ivy

Such a gorgeous cosplay of the lovely Posion Ivy.


Smoking nirvana

Sometimes you just find these blogs that love the same things as you do, ok this one has more full on nudity than me but what he does have is smoking girls for me to enjoy. And plenty of hot girls all around on his blog, enjoy.

smoke101Has it been 100 smoking sluts already? I guess it’s easy to lose track when all you can think about is sexy bitches with a cigarette. Making great use of some newly discovered image sources… hope you like these girls as much as I do:

From Porn is my Nirvana

Congratulations Grumpy Old Fart

In honour for reaching his 1 millionth visitor to his blog, today is a Grumpy Old fart day at Erotixx. Reblogging galore for the day, hope you enjoy his blog post in all it’s glory. Since he does have so many post I did the only honourable thing and that was to put in the random command on his blog and whatever came up, is reblogged. Quite a lot of Rosaleen Young, hmm… wonder if he likes her at all. Winking smile

Can’t remember how I first got hold of Summertimes blog but am sure happy that I did, it is an excellent blog of slightly oddish things, fetishes, maids and old postcards in a big great mix of happiness.

“If you talk to God you’re religious. If God talks to you, you’re psychotic.”

His 1st howdy to everyone on WordPress: His first maid to be added to his collection:

Hello world!

My wife, bless her tells me that I am rapidly becoming, or perhaps that should read have become a “Grumpy old fart”, so what better forum to spread my gloom or paranoia that WordPress.

November 6, 2009 Posted by summertime75 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment

and his 1st blogpost about the oh so hot Rosaleen Young:

Rosaleen Young – A Victorian Diary

This isn’t in keeping with my usual postings of postcards but Rosaleen Young is a favourite of mine, especially in period dress, so I trust viewers will forgive my indulgence. 82341_ry041a073_123_548lo

edwardian-house-maidSocial History

Collecting old postcard and pictures enables the viewer to glimpse a brief moment from that individual’s life; often far removed from their own either by the passage of time or social class. Often described as “history from below” they show everyday people, their social structure and the interaction of different groups. Like the wealthy and politicians these people helped shape and maintain society and so shape history.

Examining the images one can’t help but wonder how the individuals lived, were their lives hard compared with today and were they happy. Often the images come with little or no information that can answer these questions, one can only imagine.

With each image saved and seen by others so that moment, that person is kept alive, our understanding is increased and so our lives are enriched.

and he has also the gall to post pictures of my girlfriend Louise Brooks, oohhhh… and soon the maids started showing up at his blog more frequently and now even comes in bunny versions:
Louise Brooks



Rincewind has given us a very sexy cosplay catwoman, I’m not too sure how to describe this Cosplay offering other than she is equally as sexy.

But his big love is Ms Gabrielle Ray and why not, she was a stunning girl, so do check out his other blog just about Ms Ray at the aptly named blog Gabrielle Ray, he must have thought hard on what to name that blog Smile with tongue out

Gabrielle Ray (Rotary 4820 D)

My collection of Miss Ray, although small is growing and this is one of  my favourite pictures of her. gabrielle-ray-1908The photographer is able to manipulate the image through lighting, dress and expression. However there are times when, perhaps in an unguarded moment the subject is caught and the image produced conveys more than possibly intended. It may be that having read the final chapter of Miss Ray’s life, the heroes, villains, plot and ultimate ending is known and so our own interpretation of a particular image becomes coloured. For me this image shows Miss Ray as thoughtful, reflective but more than that, there is a sadness shown in her eyes. Has the photographer caught a prophetic image of the future, do her eyes give us a hint of her sad future? Hopefully not. When I saw this card I knew that I had to have it regardless of the cost. The post date is June 1908, Miss Ray would have been 21.

Last but not least….

As some of you might know I’m off on my holidays. Tomorrow morning I’m leaving London Heathrow to go to lovely Berlin. And just as an aside if you’ve never been there, for god sake get your ass over there now. There is so much going on there that you wouldn’t believe it. I still love the fact that some bars are so hidden so that you have to knock on this non-descript door and they will actually open up an little eye opener just to glance at you before letting you in. If you are a tourist the chance that you will find these ones are slim but I’m lucky in that my ex girlfriend is a berliner so she has shown me some really seedy but oh bloody hell so good place there. So she has promised me some freaky place this time as well.

Anyway, and probably not many of you have read this blog (hell, you do come here for the ladies, not for me…) do know that I’m a travel agent. Love travelling so long as it’s not by plane, worked in the industry for 15 years but am still so bloody scared of flying it’s ridiculous. I have to have at least 2 pints of beer before I board a plane otherwise you will see me twisting and squirming. And more likely looking out the window trying to figure out if the mechanics on the ground actually know what they are doing and if that screw they are holding should be on the plane and not in their hand. Aaaaarrggghhh…

But I’m improving, 15 years ago, you would have to get me so drunk that you had to carry me on the plane before I would even consider boarding the plane. Nowadays at least I only had to get a little tingly…

Anyways, to you all. HAPPY SUMMER and see you next week.

and stay away from my booze as well when I’m away… Hot smile

Happy 500k! Erotixx is….


Ok, this is going to be a glorified ego-trip so bare with me, last year 01st of march I was so thrilled at getting a 100k visits from when I started in the end of October 2009. Was quite happy when 200k mark came as well and then I forgot about it until last month when I looked and realised that I was coming close to half a million visits to my blog. Bloody hellfire, how on earth did that happen… Thanks everyone for coming around to check out the lovely girls and pinups.

And a special thanks to the blogging community out there, especially Izaakmak, Summertime and Vera Roberts who pretty much been around and commented since I started… And a special thanks to Bob Pattersonwho so nicely asked me where I was when I hadn’t posted for a couple of months, had pretty much stopped posting but that felt so good to have been missed so I started again and loving it now. Now I can’t imagining not posting…

So on to some mildly fascinating stats: 😀

My first post: Burlesque… mmmm…

The top 10 list of posts (most clicked):

1. The Pinup Collection
2. Sexy stuff
3. Jenna Jameson pictures
4. Sexy nude pictures by Igor Amelkovich
5. New york : Model Susan Coffey
6. The Classic pinup collection
7. Pinups of October ’09
8. Dominic Marco sexy pinup art
9. 80 sexy asian bikini girls
10. The modern pinup collection

My most clicked pictures all-time, number 1 to 5:


Big thanks to everyone and see you for the
1 million celebration…

and oh yeah forgot to show how happy the girls are for me as well… 😀


Some sexy links and farewells…

Some nice links for you that was found on my list off reading I had waiting on my email this morning. The first one is a sad one for me at least, I loved this blog of weirdness and vintage love. Goodbye Roxy you will be missed from the blogosphere…


zgoodbye Yes, it’s true – this will be the last post for Retro Roxy.  As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with the blog.  It’s been an enormous amount of fun to bring you some of my most treasured memories, both real and hallucinated, and share with you a glimpse into the past.

I wish I could thank all my readers individually, but if you’re reading this, you already know how special you are to me.  And those of you who took the time to leave comments, well, you’re just the best!

For each of you, I wish that health, happiness, good fortune, and peace are with you always…

And now for some happier things:

wp1Maid gif, can never go wrong with an animated GIF of a hot maid.

Winter Kelly, an extremely sexy model…. to see her in full colour, do click on his link or the photo on your left…



8bitstocking8-bit stockings, for the stocking and nerd lover in you…

Sexy first post

ok, I do love finding new blogs and anyone who opens up their blog with this as their first post deserves a reblog in my mind… well, anyone at all who opens up their first, 2nd or 3rd post with breasts probably would have got a reblog here 😀 Anyway, go over there and say hi now, I have already been there to welcome her to the neighbourhood.


I Thought I Had To Introduce Myself Properly. Hope you do not mind. Nice to meet you all.:)

via Pen Slut

V-Spot Commentary: Does Love Make You Stupid? (via The Intoxication of Vera Roberts)

Great blog post!

V-Spot Commentary: Does Love Make You Stupid? Recently one of my friends went through a bad breakup with her boyfriend. It turned out he was cheating on her and had another girlfriend hidden close to him (my friend and her ex were in a long-distance relationship). Cursing fights were exchanged back and forth as well as a few ‘I wish you were dead’ and ‘I fucking hate your guts and will never forgive you.’ Well, that was last year and before Christmas (yeah, that breakup had nothing to do wit … Read More

via The Intoxication of Vera Roberts

Playmate Post of the Day: Anne-Marie Fox via Vera Roberts

There is just one thing I could say when I saw this picture and that is ‘HOT DANG’… Check out Vera Roberts blog for ze bigger picture.

8202_anne_marie_fox Continuing the tradition of featuring Black Playmates, here is this week’s feature: Anne-Marie Fox. Look at those legs!

via the intoxication of Vera Roberts

Feeling blogged down (via Shouts from the Abyss)

loved this post, I got a similar problem, love going through my email in the morning before work but it’s dreadful when I went on holiday and had 500 emails to go through after just 2 weeks… still gives me shivers… 😀

Feeling blogged down I love you bloggers, yo! ❤ In fact, a little too much. When I see a blog I like, I do not hesitate to pound the “Subscribe” function. I make absolutely no effort to restrain myself in any way. Me likey, me clicky. And therein lies the problem. I’m on blogger overload! Call me obsessed. Say I have the blo … Read More

via Shouts from the Abyss

Lovely Vera Roberts is my no 1000 commentator

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]veraroberts-is-my-1000a

Ok, this is so geeky, we are people who do love stats, everyone does, just admit it. But this post is just a big pat on my back so my self-esteem will rise for being a promoter of great pictures of the human body (translation, I love to see naked girls lol

But anyhoo, why I thought I do it was just because I realised that I have got the 1000:th comment on Erotixx and the lovely winner is Vera Roberts from The Intoxication of Vera Roberts, see contribution below and the link to the post of course. I will have to figure out a price for her later on but for now just a big hug of love… 


So to continue this ‘good on you’ post for myself really is the stats from my blog:

tumblr_l58zzxCNKx1qczdgfo1_1280Top Search Terms for finding my blog starting from 2009-10-22 and ending 2010-07-24:

sophia loren nude         2,673
sophia loren                    2,610
susan coffey nude             886
susan coffey                        846
burlesque                             510
sexy steampunk                489
susan coffey naked            402
esther hanuka                    291
latex babes                          268
dominic marco                   245
eva wyrwal                         244

People gotta love Sophia Loren and Susan Coffey, I so understand that but still the one I did about Sophia that is my most watched one is probably my most boring one and mainly only for UK people except for the lovely pictures of her.

All time top views from 2009-10-22 All top view last 30 days
Homepage                                           88,225
Sophia Loren on next fridays
Jonathan Ro
New york : Model Susan Coffey      2,571
Sexy nude pictures by Igor Amelkovich                                          2,483
Sexy stuff                                              2,175
Dominic Marco sexy pinup art      2,165
Pinups of October ’09                        1,842
80 sexy asian bikini girls                1,536
The Pinup Collection                         1,400
Jenna Jameson pictures                  1,352

Home page                                  7,987
Sophia Loren on next fridays
Jonathan Ro
The Pinup Collection                    336
Sexy stuff                                         301
New york : Model Susan Coffey 208
Sexy tattooed goddess Esther Hanuka
Pinups of October ’09                     167
The Classic pinup collection         164
Bianca Beauchamp as Marilyn Monroe
Dominic Marco sexy pinup art    136
Sasha Grey Smoking Hot! (via The Attack                                                  131


Total views:181,603

Busiest day:1,784 — Friday, October 23, 2009

Totals of Posts:671 //  Comments:1,000 //  Categories:29 //  Tags:1,141

And if you actually came this far down reading, wow… you do like your stats 🙂 but as an gift, enjoy this lovely picture of lovely Heidi.


My No 501 post

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]

portugalJust realised that I have just written… ok posted my 500 post (check it out below). Damn, that has gone quite quickly but I have loved every bit of it.

Met some great bloggers out there, googled at a lot of naked girls (not a bad thing at all), found some weird fetishes out there which I realised I quite liked (damn those high heels, they are sexy, and thats your fault Eroticamistress :)), had my ups and downs, especially when I started playing way too much games on Facebook (ohh that Kingdom of Camelot, u seductive game u….) and thanks to Bob Patterson and his one comment that made me come back was ‘Where you been? Inquiring fans want to know!‘ Without that comment I’m not sure if I would have returned, I would still be bloody well playing that game until my butt was sore.

After that comment, I was back and posting and enjoying myself so much again. I also changed a lot of links of one special person who I think have changed the link adress 5 times or so… Nice one dude, Taknoo 🙂 But mainly I gotta admit that the people you meet on these blogging sites are mainly people blogging as well, I love my daily routing of checking out the Readomatic and finding new blogs, commenting (both good and bad) and have a nice interaction with (Retro Roxy, you were the only one I did check out when I was stuck in my Facebook game coma. Kudos to u).

So I welcome you now to this NO 501 POST from me and I might get rid of some photos which have been on my computer some time but never got around to put them up as a separate post. Hope you enjoy and see ya for the 1001 post soon.

11527_540tumblr_kw2pnbhcjz1qa1kido1_1280black640x480s640x480 (1)hot-cold-contrast-2-floriana-barbu     good_life_by_BRZR

This picture is for you Roxy, enjoy 🙂
















And one for Taknoo…. hope u like it…









and of course one for Bob, lovely Gina Carano for you to enjoy. Btw, coming a nice blog about her soon… Enjoyed doing my research on her… 🙂

Blogroll: Barbie of the day

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]087

This is just such a fucked up site and I mean that with all my heart, I loved it…

Check out Barbie of the day, the title says it all really.

100k visitors to Erotixx blog – Big love to all


Ps, I guess tagging tits and boobs does work it’s magic as well 🙂

and a big thanks to WordPress for having such excellent service to blog with.
Love all around tonite.

Some stats:

My top pages

Sexy nude pictures by Igor Amelkovich 1,761
New york : Model Susan Coffey 1,571
Pinups of October ’09 1,333
Dominic Marco sexy pinup art 1,222
80 sexy asian bikini girls 1,100
Jenna Jameson pictures 895

Busiest day:1,786 — Friday, October 23, 2009


Posts:          428

Comments:  151

Categories:   20

Tags:           594

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My lovely blogroll

In no order of greatness, a list of my blogs I have to read. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do…

= Twitter page


Better with smoking

Great site for you smoking fetish people, lovely smokedawg is doing his best to give us the best smoking novellas around.

New today, Vice of Veil, kinkiness galore 🙂

After a little smoking fetish/sex-oriented action in the first chapter, and little hints of smoking in chapters thereafter, we FINALLY have it here in more full-fledged fetish mode, along with other kinkiness as well. And the next and final chapter (of this series; there will likely be a follow-up series eventually, though perhaps not posted on this blog…we’ll see) will be well and truly smoky, my friends, so stay tuned for that one soon.



Retro Roxy

This is one of my all-time favourites to read and enjoy. Just sit back and enjoy the tale of Roxy and her adventures. We need more Roxy around us.




A great site for erotic tales or in Fantasy Liliths own words:

Enjoy…. deep breath, smell the fragrance, taste the flavors, read the words, let me take you on a journey …. it’s positively sensual! These are my bedtime stories for you … just a little Pillow Talk.


Striking thoughts

This is probably the least possible site you would imagine me going in and enjoy, don’t know squat about martial arts but do enjoy reading about it especially with someone as good at writing and explaining as Bob Patterson is. If you like martial arts, check this one out.



The intoxication of Vera Roberts

Another awesome erotic tales site, this girl just pour them out and they are excellent to read, also some beautiful erotic pictures to look at helps a lot. Go in and be intoxicated as I am….



The thought experiment

Ohhh, what can I say, a must see… A absolut haven of playboy insights and a certain fetish with all Batman related 🙂 Great pictures but the articles are just awesome to read (yes, do read the articles as well, not just look at the pictures, I know u can do it…) 🙂



If I have missed someone out, please forgive me and send me a message and I will put u in there.

Vote for Chick of the Week! « Chick Book

Go and vote people, only one day left… and btw I wanna see Christina Hendricks (no pressure) 🙂 Check the site out as well, lovely team at Chick book who takes suggestions on what you want on the site. Top service.

emily-blunt christina-hendricks-sexy-smokey-dre

The choice is between Emily Blunt (left) or Christina Hendricks (right)

*NEW* Chick of the Week! « Chick Book.

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