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Todays reblogs

We wish this is the view we have while blogging but alas I don’t have it. Lucky Voice in the corner

And from Guy’s blog some nice shades.

How many looked at her shades? 😆

And from Dreamshadow59 we get this lovely Ode to the tongue.

Tingling, Tasting, Tantalizing,

Swirling, Salty, Salacious,

Sexy, Sensual, and Luscious,

What more could we ask for?

Place your tongue gently on mine,

And swirl it around my mouth.

Taste my sweet juices on both my lips.

Delight in the flavor,

And tantalize me,

Now, and forever more.


Oki time to tongue play more.

And since it’d Halloween time, what better way than looking at Queen B’s of 1950s Science Fiction & Horror 🎃 from the last drive in.

I love Mara Corday but there is so many great actresses in this blog post, was so hard to select a favourite but Mara won.

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