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Sexy #selfies 

Oh yummy amateur time again..

Bree Leigh

Maybe a tad old for school but never to late to learn…

Model: Bree Leigh for Vanquish Magazine

Dinner time

Was wondering what to have for dinner but she sealed it, it’s pasta time.. 

FWD: Antonella Lualdi

I don’t know her movies but damn isn’t this a killer outfit. 

Antonella Lualdi: Lebanese-born (1931) Italian actress of the 1950s and 1960s.

Via 24femmespersecond



Is it summer yet?

Oh god I hope so!

FWD: Tear Off Your Chain

Ohh Catwoman..

Gorgeous topless Catwoman cosplay with gamer babe Lana.


Jenny Poussin 

Squeeze more and they will pop. 😆

Nipple time


Brianna Gonva 

Brianna Gonva for Vanquish Magazine

Cosplay cleavage 

Had the models name saved but I lost her link, if anyone knows who she is, let me know so I can credit this photo. 

Update: Big thanks to Guinnessking for finding out who she is.

The lovely model is Ivy Tenebrae 

Twitter: (@IvyTenebrae): 

Lovely busty red




Oh my my…

Sexy smoker

Hello Kitty

Since my outfit of the day did not go down with, she asked if a tshirt with Hello Kitty is ok. Of course it is. See some examples below 😆

Outfit of the day

Maybe wait until summer though…

Agnes Pimentel



Faux red

Whether she’s real red or not, it’s a great composite.

Beautiful top

Reminds me, need a new book shelf 😆

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

One busty pinup today..

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