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Girl reading on the lawn 2015 by Miles Hyman

Girl reading on the lawn 2015 by Miles Hyman

Everyday #booklove


Reading can…

seriously damage your ignorance. 

I love this…

For all book lovers


Cool book hiding spot


Wish I could find a similar place.



I do guess there is to much of everything even for readers, need to remember to live the life as well and not just reading about it.

A good book


Fireplace and a good book


Is on the order for today…

Tea drinkers…

For my English tea drinking book readers out there, yes Summertime thats you 🙂


Room without books…


Hell yeah.

Tuesday book club


So finished 3 books since last time. The first book on my review is why only 3 books since last because its bloody huge.  🙂

Steven Erikson “Gardens of the moon” –  A great fantasy book which I definitely got stuck with so am happy that it’s a series so I can continue reading this wonderful fantasy setting. A definitely 5 star one. ★★★★★ (5 stars out of 5)

The Malazan world was devised by Steven Erikson and Ian Cameron Esslemont, initially as a setting for a role-playing game. Gardens of the Moon began as a movie script but evolved into a novel, which Erikson completed in 1991–92 but failed to sell. Say what! And damn u Bob, he is a Winnipeg author so another great reason except the hockey and food to visit. 🙂

Isaac Asimov “Foundation” – I remember reading this when I was a kid in love with scifi and its definitely not your normal science fiction book.  Not much action but it gets you hooked. I am happy to say I still love this book. ★★★★★ (5 stars out of 5)

Terry Pratchett “Reaper man” – a super addition to the Discworld books. Death is getting replaced and he has finally time to use up before hos demise but that means no one is taking care of business so its up to the wizards and the undead Windle Poons (ex wizard) to sort things out. Great reading.  ★★★★★ (5 stars out of 5)

So have actually just read great books this time. Hope you read them and agree with me.

Book love


Hell yeah..

Literary Portal

Literary Portal, Dartmouth, New Hampshire –


Am so creating this whenever I get my own house, want a book portal so much.

Monday book club

In case you don’t want to hear about my reviews skip to the last for a sexy book reader.

3 books finished this week, no erotic ones but that will be amended next week.

John Grisham “Bleachers” – Quite a bit away from his normal field, no lawyers, no thriller. Just a novel about memories of football players coming back to mourn their old coach. I wasn’t to moved by this one but definitely not a bad book.
★★/5 ( 2 stars)

Michael Crichton “Airframe” – the first pages got me hooked considering I work in the airline business. Story is about a flight crash and the figuring out why. Mostly this is a decent book about the media coverage and the cynical world we live in. Really gripping but not his best. ★★ / 5 stars (2 stars)

Dean R Koontz “Door to December” – Decent book but very predictable.  When you realise 50 pages in that you know the ending,  kinda defeats the point to continue reading but he does have a way with his writing that makes you go along for the ride. ★★★/5 stars (3 stars)


And now to start my Steven Erikson reading…

Book reading


Finished books this week:
■ Joseph Conrad “Heart of darkness” – one of those classics one should read I heard but damn… such a boring boring book. I just couldn’t get why it’s a classic. ★/5 (one star)
■ Steven Montano “Blood skies” – part 1 free on Amazon. Really good book about vampires and the human race war after a acopolyptic future.  Well worth reading.  ★★★★/5 (4 stars)
Check out his twitter here
■ Stephen King “Salems lot” – haven’t read this vampire story since I was 15 and had actually forgot how brilliant this one is. King at his best. ★★★★★/5 (5 stars

And now for some sexy readers




She’s not reading but there is books beside her so she qualifies to be here 🙂



2 finished book this week.
Stephen King: Everything’s eventual (great)
Dean R Koontz: Strangers (awesome)

My wishlist


I want this living room!

But I guess I will have to wish to be reborn as this teddybear instead.


And lastly I so agree with Paul Jensen here…


Here’s to books…


Another great book quote. ..

Damn I love Colin Firth…

for this quote…


And due to this GREAT quote,  here are some superb pictures of the man.

The smell of books



You book nerds will understand 😉

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