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Squeeze me good

Any of you girls who wants to be crushed properly and good…


Girl and boy – a love story

Love this first picture, beautifully synchronised.

sexy girl and boy 1

One who searches will find…

sexy girl and boy

Sexy Olympics special: Alain Baxter

Not often I do this but let’s have a sexy guy in the blog. Found these pictures so girls, enjoy.

Alain Baxter (born December 26, 1973) is a professional skier from Scotland. He specialises in the slalom discipline.

He is now retired so he isn’t competing in this years Olympics.

Check out his website here:

alain-baxter-main-imageYerbury PhotographyYerbury PhotographyYerbury PhotographyYerbury PhotographyAlain Baxter Bares All In His Olympic Bid_972_1_1___SelectedDB_081205_AlainBaxter_400

As always click on the smaller pictures for bigger size.

And to see the rest of my sexy olympic athletes on one and the same page, click here.

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