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FW: xxPoisonxx – sexy redhead gothic girl

xxPoisonxx – sexy redhead gothic girl >> Reblog from November 2009

xxPoisonxx is a 21 years old model from Philadelphia.
Check out her myspace website here.


Todays pinup Oh so bendy


via Alvarado

Todays pinup

builder pinup by paradox photography

by Paradox photography

Sexy B&W photo

sexy girl in bra

Rocking the cradle

rocking the cradle

via Bedroom fairytales

Check out the shelves on that one

look at those shelves

bad title pun but what can one do…

Adriana Lima busty shot for Victoria’s Secret

lima_vs_holiday2010 (5) lima_vs_holiday2010 (6)lima_vs_holiday2010 lima_vs_holiday2010 (1) lima_vs_holiday2010 (2)lima_vs_holiday2010 (3) lima_vs_holiday2010 (4)

and for more Adriana Lima posts on my blog, click here

Brenda Zulema

321_brenda_zulema_1 259_brenda_zulema_6 982_brenda_zulema_5 372_brenda_zulema_3 392_brenda_zulema_7 140_brenda_zulema_2479_brenda_zulema_4

Busty brunette


Animated GIF – Carmen Electra


Love this scene from Scream…

Sexy tattooed goddess Esther Hanuka

There are a few models who I try to keep updated on and Esther Hanuka is one of them, tattooed Queen Esther, awesome model with great assets.

Check out her myspace, [tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]4b0da761aee1d 4be5df5d3714a4b1dcb625a82a 4b442e2a11e704b442e46144004be5df9fdc5c4

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Tattooed beauty Esther
Hanuka in da nude

Blaek by Yozul

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Kinda creepy shot really, it’s either been photoshopped to death or this girl has no wrinkles at all…. but creepy or not, I like it….

Via Yozul

Todays bunny pinup

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Sorry, I know, I’m one day late but had to post this one… so cute…

Todays bunny pinup

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Todays pinup by Bob Patterson

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]BobPattersonJr_1

and once again, sorry Bob Patterson aka Karate Kid, it’s not your photo although I know you would love to be The Bob Patterson 🙂

Todays pinup

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Todays pinup by Bob Patterson


(c) Bob Patterson

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Todays pinup by Bob Patterson


(c) Bob Patterson

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Todays pinup

Since no pinup yesterday, two in one from photostudio Francis Hill.

Francis_Hills_1 Francis_Hills_2

Make-up by Daniel Martin, Hair by Cassondra Rae, Model was Elisandra
Francis Hill Website

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Todays pinup: Courtney Elyse Black

photographer: Ryan Astamendi
model: Courtney Elyse Black


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