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Reblog saturday

ok, it’s saturday, it’s sunny, have a beer in my hand. All is good and beautiful and have just finished going through and reading all the blogs. Enjoyment in full so let’s reblog some awesome ones.

From Blurpy:


I want to …share these words of wisdom from Johnny Depp…
From Grumpy Old Fart:

And the lovely Bryoni Kate’s lovely ballet outfits.

Show Beauty


From Zooma
Sexy redhead


from the Nude Monk
Feel like splitting?


from the Nude Monk
Bloody awesome bicycle tricks

from Cool Berman 

Thanks to Shouts from the abyss  for finding this perfect one from the Cassandra Files (I know, it’s a reblog of a reblog… ischn’t that weird).

image001 The Making of Dita Von Teese Hologram


Designed by Musion Systems Limited, the hologram is currently on display at the Christian Louboutin Exhibit in London, exclusively at The Design Musuem until July 9.

Thanks to Pocket Venus for this cool link to the video, am so going to the museum this weekend.

Bryoni Kate – Flake


Amazing how sexy a chocolate bar can be…

Grumpy old fart!!!

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