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Yummy bondage 



Via Brooke Labrie

Whipping time

Have you been naughty or nice?

Resolution help

She will make sure you keep them 😆

Pet love

Are you ready for yr punishment 

Naughty or nice? 😲

FWD: Restrained lingerie

Via Summertime


FWD: Time Out 

Enough is enough and the master Summertime doles out the punishment. 😆


Ohhh silence  is great..

Some bonding time

What’s wrong with some bonding with your playmate..


Since Summertime wanted a little bit more restraints and silence I thought I share my silent room ladies 😆

Are you ready…

… for your lessons. 

BSDM from « H2oshy’s Blog

An excellent post from H2oshy’s blog about Bondage/Domination/Sadomasochism.  Check it out.

BDSM is any of a number of related patterns of human sexual behavior. The major subgroupings are described in the abbreviation “BDSM” itself:

* Bondage & discipline (B&D)

* Domination & submission (D&S)

* Sadism and masochism (or sadomasochism) (S&M)

via BSDM « H2oshy’s Blog.

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