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Asses high

Oh lordy lord..

Bumalicious view

A good view

I think you all agree that we enjoy this view 😆

Bondage time


I’m in heaven..

Grab on

Hey, don’t go now..


If I saw this in my local swimming pool, please call the life guard.. 😆

Good morning

Bouncy butts

Love these buttocks..


Ohh shake em..



Bumalicious #ebony

Bumalicious #damn you accidentalmasturbator 😆

Oki was not going to post anything more today, have exceeded my limit (5 post per day) but then.. that darn rascal  had to send me this.. 

I mean I love u people but am going to have a lot of quiet time in the shower 😆 also being extremely clean… 

Todays reblogs 

Having worked all Easter my reading of all the other pervs post has been limited. But my one day off today, finally I have been free to read my poor inbox email’s… and If you are not following these guys/girls, enjoy. 

Via boyofbow, do check the link. Way more photos to enjoy.

And feeling a little bit green of envy here..


And not every blog I’m reading is erotica relayed,  I love Written in Bloods Monday alternative posters..

And we all wish for summer.. 


 And big thanks to for a lot of bumalicious love.. 

And lastly the lovely Elke Sommer.


By the window 

I am so sure she has been here before but have a memory like a goldfish so better post just in case..


Ohhh bum heaven..

Yesterdays reblogs 

This was meant for yesterday but my Internet decided to give me the finger and refused to cooperate with me, maybe it has something against gorgeous girl. 😨😨

Happy Wednesday  to everyone and now time to change the channel to see what my fellow pervs are up to…

No point to even comment on what Summertime is doing.. 😆

Bend over via Summertime 

And for some bikini loving


 And boyofbow is having lolitas in plenty.

Via boyofbow

 And another of Summertime conquest.. 

And both and Vinnieh has butts on their mind



Via bunsareallthatyourequire

Ok damn u Summertime and yr maids 😆 my maid harem is in need of new replacement like her below.. 

Via Summertime 

Chilly? #bumalicious 

This image will warm you up.. 😆

Paradise #bumalicious 

Now this is how I imagine angels… Hihi.. 

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