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Sexy #selfies – Bumalicious edition 

And I thank thy selfie girls out there from the bottom of my heart. *pun intended* 😆

And I do hate myself but my 1st thought when I saw this last photo was actually ‘damn.. clean your room…’ 😆

Bums ‘r us

FWD: New uniform 

I love Summertimes new addition to his maid harem, I must have missed out on the audition 😆


I got one lovely maid, will definitely extend her contract. 😆

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Yummy booty..

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One reason to visit your local library 

… besides reading books of course.

Sexy in black #latex

Colour splash w purple 

Love.. 😍😍

Wet booty 


Love my little maids. .

And then one not so little… 😲


Butt 👍

Glasses 👍

Cute girl 👍

All good..

Need a helping hand?

Ohhh me me me.. I can help anyday 😆

Summertime is joining my riding lessons

And he found a mighty nice instructor as well..

Time for my riding lessons 

.. and i can’t be happier with my instructor 😲


Laundry time


Tongue tied

Ehrrrmm butt.. ahhh.. shower now.. 

Bumalicious ending to the year

Why not end the year with some sexy rear ends.. 😆

Ring? What ring..

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