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My girlfriends girlfriend


by *Fledermausland
Model: Vipersdoll and TrizTaess

FW: xxPoisonxx – sexy redhead gothic girl

xxPoisonxx – sexy redhead gothic girl >> Reblog from November 2009

xxPoisonxx is a 21 years old model from Philadelphia.
Check out her myspace website here.


Fetish poll

Long time since I had a poll and just out of curiosity I bring back an oldie from 2009 I did when trying to find out what fetishes people had and I know there are tons of others out there of course but put in the main ones that just popped up in my head plus will be interesting to compare against the old poll. You can choose 3 answers.

A must have, everyone loves them of course…

Either if you like wearing it or just love having your partner in it.
35142_src 387805-bigthumbnail
Also a must have in this poll.
Like being cuffed, tied up?
sexy_butt_1 Scrumptious-sexy-bondage-girl-black-white-erotica_500
Smoking fetish
Like the sight of a girls smoking and exhaling, inhaling?
Well, don’t think anyone mind a maid, nurse or other costume wearing fantasies.
tumblr_ls58j8Dqds1r2yrj1o1_500 maid
Feet/Hands/High heels
this one includes shoe fetish as well

and you can find the poll at the top of the right hand menu.

Rear View

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German Playmates of the year 2009 photo

such an awesome… have to say it again, aweeeesome photo…

playboy playmates 2009

German Playboy Playmates of the Year, 2009

Via Modelstar

Some summertime loving…

So many re-blogs so little time 🙂 but you have to go and check Summertime’s site now and then for some downright sexy/kinky and amazing photos from the past.


Quiet moment… bloody love this picture…


Click on the pictures for the bigger pictures on his site…

I’ll do you like a truck

I don’t know how I missed this one in the beginning of the summer, you got everything, a truck, a guy in glasses and oh yeeeah let’s not forget, a shitload of girls in skimpy outfits and bikinis. 🙂 if above video don’t work, click here,  well worth the 3 minutes…

Todays pinup Surfer babe


Todays pinup – Classic housewife


And yes, classic housewife’s don’t exist anymore but I sure wouldn’t mind coming home to this..

Todays pinup – As pink as it can get


I actually don’t belive it can get any pinker than this 🙂 via Ophelias Overdose

Todays pinup


Todays pinup – Smoking beauty


Love this shot to bits.

Todays pinup – Dancing girls


Send some love to Angi87 for these pictures.

Todays pinup


via Alvarado

Todays pinup


Damn once again, I think you might remember these two from some previous posts, they are just deliciously sweet. Via Alvarado.

And if you wanna check them out from my last posts, they are under my pinups for July page.

Todays pinup

Jessica_D_Model_by_hihosteverino Whohaa, this is such a great photo once again by Alvarado.

Todays pinup Want a sweet


Sweetness overkill for sure…

Todays pinup


Why isn’t my washer machine equipped with this extra?

Via Alvarado

Todays pinup Salute the flag


Sometimes I truly feel like moving to the states when I see patriotism like this… 

Todays pinup Swimsuit time

sexy miss mandy in swimsuit

and to see a comparison with the 1920’s parasols, check out this one from Grumpy Old Fart.

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